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Baconator? I barely knew her! The Fast Food thread.


Arm Candy
"I dreamed I was eating a giant Chicken McNugget and when I woke up, my body pillow was gone."
I wouldn't really call them fast food since they're usually made to order and take some time, and you can't really get them in a drive through or anything. But mochi donuts are legit amazing, and the faster they catch on the happier I'll be. The fluffiness is out-of-this-world, they're usually not oily at all so they go down easy/don't feel greasy like some donuts can, and the Japanese glaze flavors I've had were all perfection. (I inherited the Japanese palate for sweets, but I'm willing to bet most people will find them delicious anyways if stuff like Pocky is an indicator.) I think my favorite part about them too, is the ones I had were like in the pictures in the link where they were made as little connected spheres, and that makes them perfect to share since it's easy to pull them apart and pop the spheres in your mouth one at a time.

If you're lucky enough to get live near somewhere that serves these, do yourself a favor and get some. This article lists a few locations, but in The Before Times, there's a mochi donut shop in J-Town in SF that I used to go to, and any TTers in proximity would be hard pressed to find a better reason to leave the house.

Edit: here's some pics I dug up from back in November

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I had some spicy nuggets from McDick's. They were not bad! Not great, but pretty ok. The new hot sauce too was actually really good. Like, I want these on chicken wings someday.

Of course, McD's gotta give you the D at some point - so my 20 piece was only ~17 pieces, and half of them were just regular nuggets. What a horrible company.