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Baconator? I barely knew her! The Fast Food thread.


I will confess right here that I love Taco Bell more than any living thing should. Judge me all you want.


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I wish there wasn't a Dairy Queen right down the street from my house, because everything that isn't blizzard/shake related is kind of mediocre. It's so convenient though...

I also enjoy Panda Express and Mei Way from time to time, although I have to drive out of my way for those so I get it less often (and not so much the latter since the locations near me don't have drive-through windows).
Taco Bell took away my favorite items/top reasons for me to go there, so my evaluation of them is not good at the moment. But they're run better than a lot of fast food joints on average, and they're probably one of the better fast food places I've seen that is taking the pandemic real serious like, so I really appreciate that.


My fave is the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, so I will still relish the chance to eat there.

It's a texture thing as much as a flavor thing.

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I worked at Taco Bell for so long that I need to be in the right mood for them. The ones here all got rid of the green tomatillo sauce which was my favorite.


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Popeyes is finally bringing that "new" chicken sandwich to Canada next month.

They're doing a thing on Twitter where you tweet them with a hashtag and say why you "deserve" to be one of the first, but I can't think of anything.


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I admire Rally's/Checker's lack of pretense about it's menu.
"We're junk food. You know it, we know it. And we know you love our fries"


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(he, him, his)
Part of me wonders if cups of french fries should be reserved only for State fairs.


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The one thing that taco bell has over a number of local fast joints is that they have such a weird selection of items like the crunchwrap that no other place is going to have, and nobody else is going to replicate that texture.

But I'd rather just get a chorizo burrito with red chile even if it's technically a couple minutes more out of my way.


..and his little cat, too
Meh, I do it on occasion. Makes a nice snack.

Except at Halloween, when I go all out while watching old VHS conversions of Halloween specials sponsored by McDonald's, commercials included.
Had to pay homage to the soon to be deceased Mexican Pizza at The Bell. Legit pretty decent and way better than I remember. It’s a little overpriced but it’s good. I’m sad that it took its demise for me to rediscover it. 😭


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I moved from California to Connecticut, and I miss Panda Express so much :c the nearest one is over an hour away, I've had it once in a year, and that was visiting someone in Northern Massachusetts.