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Awesome Fan Art


Find Your Reason
I hadn't seen this @EiffelArt piece before.

Happy Mario Day everyone!

I... I had never stopped to acknowledge that Mario owns a Mario-shaped castle in SML2 until just now.


The Goggles Do Nothing
What are flying-black-capped Mario and grabbed-by-a-metal-tentacle Mario from?

"Flying Mario" from Super Mario Galaxy, and Spring Mario from Super Mario Galaxy, too.

It's not a castle so much as a clockwork tower. Still an odd thing to own, though.

My head canon is that Super Mario was granted official Mushroom Kingdom real estate after rescuing the Princess in Super Mario Bros. 1, and received other funding after SMB3 and alike. Mario didn't really want the coins, so that money went into improving his "Land". By Super Mario Land 2, Mario's little kingdom is technically generally ignored by its duke, but still soaks in his "winnings", so the grateful people have built a Mario statue with the excess funds. Wario tried to conquer it, failed, and now it's still just kind of puttering around in some random corner of Peach's kingdom.

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
So, yeah, like...did Wario build the clockwork Mario Zone, then? That would be weird, even by Wario's standards...


Find Your Reason
I'm glad Thanos finally figured out how to use the IG to solve that pesky "scarcity" problem.


Find Your Reason
Gilgamesh is gonna sue Gogo for trademark infringement!

...or maybe Gogo IS Gilgamesh.


Anyway, I'm amused the Atma Weapon is a lightsaber. I always saw it as a dragon's head and the blade of light came out of its gaping maw.


Summon for hire
You run into Gilgamesh in that arena in the World Of Ruin. Since you can have anyone in your party at that point, including Gogo, I'm going to say no.
Only in the Advance/mobile re-makes (where he's also an Esper!), so one could question their canonicity...
(But Octo makes a good point as well.)


lofi posts to relax/study to
Only Brando Sando fans are going to get this, but I just now realized that particular interpretation of Cyan is almost exactly how I've been imagining Dalinar Kholin from Stormlight Archive.