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Awesome Fan Art


Then a miracle occurs
A few years ago, Kelly Turnbull, the artist of among other things the excellent (though sadly no longer updating) webcomic "Many Guys Doing Manly Things" drew some fairly lighthearted/sexy Pokémon fancomics based on the idea of a romantic relationship between Giovanni and Lt. Surge, apparently because she liked the shipping name "warcrimes":

Recently she drew a more serious story based on the same concept. It's got some really great art and apparently many geeky references to obscure Pokémon lore, but beware that it also features some pretty mature themes (PTSD, unhealthy relationships) and a VERY gory Pokémon battle. It's apparently partially based on the fan theory that there was some kind of war involving Pokémons before the events of the first game, and that Surge was a veteran from this war. She initially only made it available through Patreon and itch.io, but recently she finished posting all the pages for free on Twitter and Pixiv:



Then a miracle occurs
I recently comissioned a piece of art on Tumblr for the first time in my life. It's by the talented Faeymouse, and it's a picture of two characters from a TRON fanfiction I wrote a few years ago. Looking back at the fic, I'm not entirely happy about some of the writing, but I am very fond of the characters I came up with, and I'm very happy to have an actual image of them:


The lady on the left is named "Play" and the lady on the right is named "Anthem". For those unfamiliar with the TRON setting, they are personifications of computer programs/files. Play is a music player program, and Anthem is a music file. I gave the artist some specifications regarding their faces, but it was she who came up with the designs of their clothes, including the wonderful idea of giving Anthem music notes.

Some more fun facts: Their pose is based on this poster for the original TRON film. Anthem's appearance is based on none other than Wendy Carlos, since she's the digital personification of a particular song from Carlos' soundtrack for the film (one of the themes of TRON that I find fascinating is that digital creations have the same faces as the humans who created them).