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Avatar Studios Is on a Cartoon Bender!


Nickelodeon has established Avatar Studios, with DiMartino and Konietzko as co-chief creative officers in charge of steering the franchise. The plan is to expand the franchise "on a vast scale, in myriad exciting ways and mediums." Up first is an animated film.

I'm excited! I've been really bleah on the idea of the live action show, especially with it just being a re-hashing of Aang's story, so I'm glad the creators left that project and did this instead. I'm up for pretty much anything they want to do, whether a side story in the original shows, a sequel, or a prequel.

Pajaro Pete

I'm excited! I've been really bleah on the idea of the live action show, especially with it just being a re-hashing of Aang's story,

honestly i can't imagine anything avatar being good in live action, especially as a series, and especially-especially a live action series about an 11 year old.

i watched netflix's winx show, where they tried to riverdale up a children's cartoon about teens who use elemental magic, and the final episode has this big special effects sequence that looks like garbage and lasts less than 30 seconds and this is supposed to be The Big Climatic Battle Sequence For The Season Finale, and it's like, live action avatar would require more than that in each episode (not to mention, like, extensive fighting choreography on top of the bad cgi effects)


Did it ever bother anybody else that all the animals in Avatar are weird hybrids, but their names are always just a portmanteau of the two regular animals they're based on? Between that and the bear from that one episode, there's an implication that Avatar World had normal-ass animals recently enough for human beings to have language for them, but are now so scarce that people don't recognize them. Was there a Korra about this? I dunno.


I'm not saying I don't like it or it doesn't make sense, I'm saying that I think this is a rich vein of the Avatar world that has yet to be explored.

Thinking about it more, all the hybrids must logically have been introduced after the non-hybrid ones if their names are all derivative. So the most likely scenario is that at some point in human history, most of the real-world animals disappeared and were replaced by hybrid animals filling similar ecological niches, but nobody remembers it. 🤔


Bending... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! was the first thing that came to mind.

For some reason, this was the follow-up to Korra that I always wanted. No idea why.

I guess I just want to see how this world continues to develop. In Korra, we came to a point were technology was too much for the Avatar alone. If I remember correctly, Korra needed help with that mobile suit in the last season. And everyones bending powers improved with time, as more of it was understood. Being the Avatar has to become harder and harder, as time goes on. Also because of higher, political and philosophical complexity.

The Avatars seemed to have held the world back, they stabilized everything. They prevented big wars, and made sure no big catastrophes would happen. This stabilizing factor fanished with Aang for a long time, and the war created the desire for technological advances.

I imagine these getting further and further, and the power of the Avatar getting weaker and weaker, relatively speaking. Maybe the Avatar would become irrelevant, at some point, and no one would even try to train the next one. Until decades later, when the people start to travel trough space (honestly, I just want to see benders on an space shuttle, or something like that), and the unifying capabilities of the Avatar are needed again.

Something like that seemed like an obvious way of development, considering how the power shifted away from the Avatar during Korras early time. I'd like to see where this world is going, or how it looks 300 years or so, in the future.

Johnny Unusual

I'm not saying I don't like it or it doesn't make sense, I'm saying that I think this is a rich vein of the Avatar world that has yet to be explored.
There could be some good stories in there but it feels like one of those things were its funnier to imply there's something to explore but instead taunting us with a lack of answers. Like Anya's bunny phobia in Buffy, compounded by the reveal she was a bunny rancher. Fuck, I hate that I don't think I can go back to that show. It was bad enough that Xander was a monster (if you are asking the actor or the character, yes).


The first Avatar Studios project is a movie focused on Aang and Co. as adults.

Which makes sense, but I do hope they branch out soon afterwards. I do think exploring the period between Last Airbender and Korra could be compelling, though. I feel like YA fiction loves to focus on colonial narratives and on post-colonial narratives, but rarely explores the messy period in-between.

I assume they'll be getting the old voice cast back together, which will stoke The Discourse. Having white actors play Asian characters doesn't fly like it used to.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty

OK, yes, I get it, it makes commercial sense, and the first movie has to be a hit for it to justify all the others, but man, I'm disappointed they didn't branch out.

(any bets on Sokka kicking the bucket in this one?)