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ASandoval's thread of games, art, and other neat things


Old Man Gamer
Hey folks,

Been a long time since I posted on the other forum but since I'm working from home these days I figure posting stuff that I'm working on will help keep me motivated to keep creating and not just mucking around on twitter or replaying the same SNES games for the umpteenth time.

For the past few years I've been toying around with GameMaker, Unity and pixel art and trying to become more self-sufficient in all things game development. I'm hoping to be able to announce the big solo thing I've been working on soon, but here's some pixel art experiments and research until then:

The other bigger, collaborative thing I've been working on lately with a good group of talented folks is Little Nemo & The Nightmare Fiends, an upcoming platformer/adventure game based on the turn of the century newspaper comic! (Note: Not affiliated with the Capcom NES game in anyway) Specifically I'm working as a designer and coder for the game. Hoping to have a lot of cool info on it to share with you all in the near future!

Good to be back everyone!

UPDATE: Ok, put the photos on a different server that I think likes BBCode so hopefully everyone can see them now? Let me know if this is still not working.


the :motion: stands
Game has Nemo falling out of bed. That's all I needed to be on board.


Posts: 52,928
Whoa! That really captures the feel of the McCay illustrations. Interested to learn more!


Summon for hire
Nemo game looks awesome!

For a moment I was wondering if it was actually licensed, before remembering just how old that comic is...