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Ahead On Our Way - The Top 21 Numbered Final Fantasies Countdown


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(they/them, she/her)
I've said... a lot about FFVII, once again in Felix's thread. Consult that for much more than I could summarize here.


Thank you for running the list and wrangling whatever new blood this forever-topic is able to spill, Positronic Brain. My picks as follows:
  1. Final Fantasy XIII
  2. Final Fantasy V
  3. Final Fantasy VIII
  4. Final Fantasy VII
  5. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  6. Final Fantasy XII
  7. Final Fantasy IX
  8. Final Fantasy II
  9. Final Fantasy
  10. Final Fantasy III
  11. Final Fantasy IV (DS)
  12. Final Fantasy X
  13. Final Fantasy X-2
Thanks for running the list!

1. FF10
The best version of what has become FF's core identity (narrative focused JRPG with high production values)

2. FF8
The best systems game, also strong cast, narrative, and atmosphere.

3. FF2


4. FF10-2
Thoughtful coda to the best FF game, interesting nonlinear experiment, can change classes during battle.

5. FF5
Job system undefeated, the most fun party sprite-work of the 2D games, great party, great world, great scenarios, the most replayable FF game.

6. FF6
7. FF7

Sentimental favorites.

8. FF3
My favorite World Map Explore 'Em Up FF (before it stopped being that for a more narrative focus), jobs as keys to solve puzzles is counterintuitive to players who experienced FF5 first but totally works, establishes a lot of core narrative beats in FF very successfully.

9. FF13
Loved it on release but memories are vague beyond loving the battle system, might rank it higher on a replay.

10. FF1
The second best of two great World Map Explore 'Em Ups released in December, 1987.

11. FF12
Loved at the time, but disappointed somewhat on a recent replay. Probably the FF with the most of what I think of as JRPG bloat that began around the PS2 era and persists to this day in the genre. Still adore the gambit system, fun cast, strong world.

12. FF4
13. FF9

These are very well made games that do a great job achieving what they set out to do, but it's not what I want anymore.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
I've gotta be honest: I have basically forgotten this game. I'm pretty sad about it! I know that I absolutely loved it when I first played it. My cousin and I made a VHS tape of all of the cutscenes. I know that I got my golden chocobo, pointed entirely too many knights at some ultimate weapons, etc, but the rest of the game is [scene missing] in my brain, and I've never gotten around to replaying it, and have yet to play the remake.

I still remember the Christmas morning that I got this, and I wasn't sure that I was going to! It was impossible to find here in town at the time, and my mother had to drive down to the US to buy a copy for me in Bangour, Maine. I played it obsessively until I mined it for all I could, loved every second of it, and then wound it back and immediately did so a second time... and then basically never revisited it again? For some reason, unlike every other FF game that I love, I just never seem to want to play this one again. I've tried a few times, and just run out of steam and wander away fairly early on. (It's still a GOAT, though.)

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
I promised tallies, so.

16VII Remake7216
17IV DS6150
19Lightning Returns5108
21III DS488
22IV The After Years363
23XII Revenant Wings249
24Crisis Core246
25I GBA126
26VII Dirge of Cerberus124
27II GBA124
28VII Advent Children123

As you can see the fight for #1 was really close. VII was the only game everybody voted for, but VI placed higher in the lists of the people who mentioned it. It's virtually a tide.

The only remake or direct sequel that didn't get a mention were poor XV Pocket Edition and XV A King's Tale. Poor XV.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
For me it all began in eight grade, when a kid offered to sell me a NES game he didn’t like for 10 pesos. “The game is boring,” he said, because it was all done with text menus and he didn’t know English. Well, I had heard of those “RPG” games and while my first experience with them, (Dragon Warrior in a disappointing weekend rental) hadn’t been that pleasant, the game was a steal at that price - I only had to skip lunch for a day! It had to be really bad for me not to get my money’s worth.

He handed me a NES cartridge inside a cheap home-made cartridge sleeve made out of a sheet of paper from a math notebook. He also gave me the manual and the maps - and I remember being impatient to get home that day because I opened the map and there was whole world in there. And so many enemies! I was in love with the game before I booted it up. I still have the paper sleeve

The series has been with me my whole life. I remember getting III during a trip to Mexico City, then finally being able to play II and Mystic Quest afterwards when I made friends with people who also were into the series in high school (because rental shops learned not to carry RPGs, natch).

I remember stopping playing games when I moved for college, but getting into the bandwagon again when I saved enough money to get a PSX and, yes, Final Fantasy VII, and then Tactics one month later. I know exactly the point I was in my life when I played the next three games, VIII arriving at my highest point until then and X at the lowest and when I needed it the most.

And then I moved across the ocean to these lands forsaken by the 2D entries. I stopped gaming…. Until XII came out and then I bought a PAL PS2 and got back into the wagon. I got a PS3 to play XIII, and I swore I wouldn’t get XV because what I saw of the game didn’t look that good to me - my resolve lasted about four weeks after the game’s release. And now I’m playing XIV and eagerly waiting for XVI.

What I’m trying to say is, well, the series has been with me my whole life, and I can measure the milestones in my life through the games themselves. I can tell you what Final fantasy I was playing the day before I got married (V GBA). The series is very special to me, so I want to thank you for letting me share this trip down the games with you.

What I love the most about the series is that somehow, despite the changes in creative teams and the 35 years of history, they still feel like the same series of games, no small feat considering every game is different from the last. But I do appreciate their willingness to not get stagnated, to always change. Even when the series releases an entry I don’t like, I can recognize they are still good games and I know the next entry will be totally different, and I’m willing to give it another chance. You always forgive the ones you love.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty









Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty

Written and Directed by
Positronic Brain

Johnny Unusual

Positronic Brain …. Pierce Brosnan
Omega …. David Tennant

Omega VFX by
Square Pictures

(In Order of Appeareance)

Johnny Unusual
Felix SH
Wysteria Histeria

Special Thanks

Hironobo Sakaguchi
Nobuo Uematsu




As you can see the fight for #1 was really close. VII was the only game everybody voted for, but VI placed higher in the lists of the people who mentioned it. It's virtually a tide.
... I'm trying to get my head around of how it's even possible to not mention 6. Like I was really struggling to think of what even qualified to list in order to get to 25 entries.

Actually I guess it isn't really mandatory to list the whole 25 is it.
This was super fun, thanks for running it. I've been laid up in bed thanks to finally getting my bivalent booster and I'm too exhausted to really explain why I love VI and VII so I just wanna get in on posting my whole list

2) FFVII: Remake
6) FFX-2
7) FFX
10) FFXIII: Lightning Returns
12) FFVII: Crisis Core
13) FFIV
14) FFV
15) FFXV
16) FF

If it didn't make the list I just haven't played it, even the ones that I ranked lower I like a whole lot, and my seven through ten were complete tossups that I had a ton of trouble deciding on.
FF6: Back in the day, I went with a friend of mine and his brothers to go buy this game. The three of them were big fans of the franchise; I barely knew what it was. They pooled their money together to buy it. But when we got to the store, they realized they didn't actually have enough. (FFIII was what, an $80+ game, right?) They pleaded with me to lend them the extra $20 bucks to get the game. I did. Pretty sure they never paid me back though, lol. Watched the first few hours of it back in the day. It honestly seemed primitive to me compared to the kinds of games that were accessible to that point on PC.

Fast forward years later, and I finally got to play it myself. It was fine. Good, even! It definitely feels like the first modern FF game in a lot of its game design choices, focusing on presentation, big set pieces, and a complicated story. I have a lot of criticisms of the game, of things it doesn't do well, or didn't age great. But on the whole it was a good time and good enough for me to stick with it and beat. If I had actually gotten to play it back in 1994 or whenever, I probably would feel about it the way most of y'all do. I put it #11 on my list.

FF7: Can't really say what hasn't already been said by others. The uncle I mentioned a while back responsible for getting me an NES, the first x-mas we celebrated with him in about a decade, he comes and surprises me with a PSX. This time, he blamed the present choice on my cousin for picking it out. At this point in time, I was a stubborn Nintendo enthusiast, and wasn't a fan of Sony trying to invade the marketplace. But I decided if I have this useless brick, might as well try it to play a game I can't on N64. The very first game I bought was FF7. And it was pretty worth. FF7 was the beginning of a long, enduring love-affair with not just console rpgs, but a lot of Japanese media as well. I've gone back and forth on it over the years, but I've settled recently pretty firmly into a very solid appreciation of the game. I put it #4 on my list.

The totality of my list:
2) X
4) VII
5) XII
6) XV
8) X-2
9) XII Revenant Wings
10) XI
11) VI
12) VII Dirge of Cerebrus
13) VII Advent Children
14) V
15) IV
16) III DS
17) XIII-2
18) Lightning Returns
19) Mobius FF (It's a remake of FF1!!!)
20) Type-0 (There's a number right there!)