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the legend of zeldo

  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/12/2023: I'm Breathing as Wildly as I Can

    You know, without the shark, Jaws would be a pretty boring movie. Crashing through the sky, with a fearful cry this week is Dokapon Kingdom! A remake of the original Dokapon Kingdom which apparently came out on the Wii? I don't remember it existing, but I *definitely* heard the name before...
  2. Beowulf

    When all you have is a whip...Let's Play Castlevania: The Adventure

    Hey, does anybody remember “Let’s Play Beowulf’s Game Boy Youth,” my LP series of yesteryear? I did a whole host of my favorite games from when I was a kid, starting with Final Fantasy Legend 3, and my personal favorite of my LPs Final Fantasy Legend. But I also did Gargoyle's Quest, Rolan's...