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puzzle game

  1. Yaara

    Factorio is officially out, so I'll need to add more iron miners

    I played Factorio quite a bit a few years back, and now that it's officially out (as in, left early access, official release!) I find that the only thing keeping me from falling deep deep inside it is um, time-based games I want to do stuff in daily. whoops. In case this is new to you: in...
  2. Ted

    shapez.io: a factory of colors and shapes

    Steam | Free In-Browser Demo | GitHub
  3. Klatrymadon

    Mr. Driller

    I reckon some of you must be playing the brilliant remastering of Drill Land at the moment, so I thought I’d start a thread about all things Hori Susumu. Mr. Driller’s a wildly inventive and infectiously passionate series that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough considering its vast...
  4. Bongo

    Picross, Nonograms, etc.

    I think Picross S4 and Murder By Numbers are the most recent noteworthy releases, but there are many other implementations.