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Factorio is officially out, so I'll need to add more iron miners


the member formerly known as Alpha Werewolf
I played Factorio quite a bit a few years back, and now that it's officially out (as in, left early access, official release!) I find that the only thing keeping me from falling deep deep inside it is um, time-based games I want to do stuff in daily. whoops.

In case this is new to you: in Factorio you are an engineer crash-landing on a deserted planet who's looking to build a rocket ship to leave the planet. This is of course a problem with nothing but the few resources you salvage from your shipwreck, so you're gonna have to gather and process resources to research more advanced technology and progressively stripmine and automate your way to a large factory that can build your rocket. All the while you're going to have to protect yourself from the natives, a rather aggressive type of bug-thing who hate pollution with a passion.

In terms of how it plays, well, I think the term "logistic puzzler" is most apt; You have the big challenge of working through the research tree and obtaining the resources to do so, and it's broken up into a whole lot of planning and building your factory to produce what you need. It's very freeform and fits itself really nicely to how you want to play it. That very fact makes it a game that catches you by the "wait, there's this one thing I need to do before I quit for the night" and then it's 3 am. (It's iron. You're missing iron. You're always missing iron)

It's also got a large and involved modding community that will add years and years to the game's lifetime IMO. Already has probably.

So anyway, who's playing? How far is your base in 1.0? Got any mod recs? Especially ones that liven up the very early game; After playing through the first 30 minutes enough times I've found that they get rather stale, I think if you could automate more of them I'd enjoy them a lot more nowadays.

Personally I only now set up red and green science; I'm trying to work with a proper main bus and it makes the game very very comfortable I gotta say, it's super satisfying to build with.


I have thought about playing this. But all the video look terrifying. Vast endless fields of automated factories making things for some unknown purpose.


Infamous third lava dolphin
Oh man, I'm really tempted to try this. I spent a lot of time with Satisfactory in early access, so clearly this sort of thing is right up my alley. I've got a few games on the go now, though, so it might be a little bit before I start this one up.
I've had two playthroughs in which I reach petroleum and then fizzle out, but I plan on giving it another shot now that it's officially v1.0.

I have thought about playing this. But all the video look terrifying. Vast endless fields of automated factories making things for some unknown purpose.

Perhaps warm up with shapez.io. It's the same general concept but with less minutiae.



the member formerly known as Alpha Werewolf
petroleum is a fair place to fizzle out - it's one of the game's biggest upgrades and takes probably the most work mentally of anything you have left in the game that isn't nuclear power (which I haven't bothered making yet personally). Once you're past that though you're properly in the mid- to end-game imo, it's a great feeling.

Having sunk an hour into shapez.io I can 100% second that suggestion, it's very much a similar addiction damn.