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  1. gogglebob

    Let us Celebrate the 1000th Pokémon

    This is Gholdengo It is a ghost that accumulated 1,000 golden coins, and built a whacky inflatable tube man out of 'em. ... Sometimes he goes surfing? Discuss.
  2. Kalir

    Cassette Beasts: yo wanna check out my pokérap mixtape

    Long story short: if you ever played classic Pokémon, you owe it to yourself to try Cassette Beasts. Cassette Beasts is made by Bytten Studios, which is a small indie dev that is probably most notable for Lenna's Inception (which I did an LP of if you're curious its right here). It's a...
  3. Alixsar

    Nintendo makes best new Pokemon ever, plus also Pokemon Scarlet/Violet is a thing

    It's open world or something, but not too much else is known to me except HOLY SHIT QUAXLY LOOKS FUCKING ADORABLE Late 2022 Chili croc and Grass cat are good too, but QUAXLY, good LAWD I hope it comes to Switch
  4. Sprite

    Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    This is out! Reviews have been sterling. It definitely looks like Game Freak learned some lessons from the reception of Sword and Shield and finally took their time making something truly new. It is like Breath of the Wild, not in a mechanical sense, but because it overhauls the formula to...
  5. Bongo

    New Pokémon Snap is better than the original, and the original was great

    I haven't even gotten to the second area yet, just the first one in a few different configurations, but I feel confident in this assessment. So I made a thread about it.
  6. Mogri

    Cowabunga: Let's play Pokémon Radical Red

    Hello, what's this? Pokémon Radical Red starts just like Fire Red. (In fact, the title screen is unchanged from the original game, which is uncharacteristically lazy for this hack.) Don't worry: we'll see where it departs before long. So far, so good... Yep, there we go. So! First of...
  7. Bongo

    Pokémon Generation VIII

    Sword and Shield came out late last year. Earlier this summer, in lieu of a "third version" or sequel, the Isle of Armor DLC was added; in the fall, we expect the Crown Tundra DLC.