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A Thread Named FIGHT!: Talking about the Robot of the same name


A Bard Named SPOONY
The old forums had the perfect thread title and I couldn't really improve on it, so here we are! A Robot Named FIGHT came out in 2017, first on Steam and later on Switch, and it's basically a Roguelite Super Metroid (a Metroguelite, if you will) that really gives 110% in that impersonation. From the physics to Fight's animations the game feels more like Super Metroid in the moment-to-moment gameplay than any other game out there besides, well, Super Metroid.

It is, of course, a Roguelite so you'll be starting new runs every time you die, but gradually unlock more potential items to find as you achieve more stuff.

So why am I making this thread now? Well it's the third anniversary of the game, and in celebration a new update has come out! It's currently live on Steam, and waiting on Nintendo's approval process to appear on Switch. While this major update doesn't include a new area type, like the previous ones did, it DOES introduce a few new game modes, like Boss Rush (which includes a new final boss), Exterminator (kill all enemies before advancing), and the one I'm most looking forward to: Mega Map (all area types in one giant map). Plus the requisite new items/achievements and QoL improvements (weapon wheel!) that you'd expect.

I am waiting with baited breath for the Switch update to kick in so I can go back to exploding more meat! If you passed on this, maybe give it another look, it's currently on sale! And if you're like me, and you've just been waiting for a new update, well, good news!

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Oooooooh boyohboyohboyohboy

ARNF is easily my favourite rogue-em-up and, were it not for Bloodstained, it’d be my favourite Troid in quite a while as well


Do you require aid.
I finally got Skin Deviler... on a Mega Map run.

Still unlocked the Phase Shell! TAKE THAT, MEAT!


A Bard Named SPOONY

I won't even point out that Ooze Hart seems to have been toned down to be a bit less aggro! (now he's merely the most difficult of Area 1 bosses instead of being a run-ender 3/4s of the time for me)

Meanwhile I've completed all three new modes. I liked Boss Rush more than I thought I would since it smartly doesn't pit you against EVERY boss, but the selection you fight is different each time, and each boss drops a number of scrap and one of those roulette archaic scraps so you can still create a build dependent on the random items for sale at the three vendors (which replenish with a new random item whenever you buy something) or from the 3 or so Shrines that spawn.

One easy tip for Boss Rush (or in general, I guess?) is to keep reloading seeds until you get one where Zurvan is your first shrine, then get one archaic scrap of each color from the first three bosses, and offer 5 scrap and each of those archaic scrap for the equivalent of 3 health upgrades, which is a big help in a mode where your health will likely be limited.

I liked Exterminator mode a lot, I found the structure interesting, though I think it still needs a bit of work. Even putting aside rare mapgen issues (one of my runs ended up softlocking when a locked room was placed between me and the rest of the rooms I needed to clear) it can feel a bit awkward with how it simultaneously awards progression items and then immediately unlocks the zones where you need said progression item, I feel like it could be one or the other.

And Mega Map is great overall. A run can be lengthy, because duh, but I've found them to be fairly satisfying. My only gripe is that Mega Map doesn't let you start with random items if you have that capability unlocked, but apparently there's a technical reason for that.

So now that I have all the new items unlocked I need to keep playing until I find them so they can be added to my collection.