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mega man

  1. LBD_Nytetrayn

    Revelations: Reunion - Legends of the Halcyon Era - An Adventure in the World of Mega Man Legends

    I've spent the last several months working on a new project, and I'm finally ready to present the first fruits of my labor: Legends of the Halcyon Era - An Adventure in the World of Mega Man Legends. Put simply, it's a fanfic. You can find the first episode/chapter at The Mega Man Network and...
  2. madhair60

    Mega Man Battle Network Collection thrd f cnfsg abrv.

    - Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is here. - I hate these games. - They suck. - I will absolutely buy this.
  3. LBD_Nytetrayn

    Mega Man's Always Worth Its Own Thread! Rockman X DiVE Now Available in NA on Steam

    (Also, I didn't want to bother digging up one of the other threads. Will this sustain itself? Time will tell.) Right, so: In case you haven't heard, there's a mobile game from Capcom Taiwan called Rockman X DiVE. Came out in 2019, it's one of those gacha platformer deals. If you've played that...
  4. Octopus Prime

    Volnuts Roasting on an Open Fire: It's MEGAMAS 2021!

    Every Elf in the North Pole Liked Christmas a Lot But Wily, in his Skull Castle, He certainly did not He never got presents No piano lessons or egg beaters He had no itchy sweaters Or bobble heads of world leaders You know the reason why The cause is not well furled He's always on the Naughty...
  5. gogglebob

    DiVE into a Deep Log: Mega Man X DiVE

    So Mega Man X DiVE released yesterday in English territories, apparently. It is a mobile-based Mega Man game that offers a variety of playable characters and levels based on Mega Man history, and primarily plays like a Mega Man X game (albeit one simplified for touch controls). It is also a...
  6. zonetrope

    Poll: Mega Man Boss Teleporters

    I posted this thread on TT 2.0 a long time ago, and Talking Time came out overwhelmingly in favor of the Mega Man boss teleporter rooms. I've always dreaded this part of every Mega Man game, but the poll spawned some fun discussion that made me consider some angles that hadn't occurred to me...
  7. Octopus Prime

    Jinglebell Rockman: It's MEGAMAS 2020!

    Twas a month before Christmas And all through the Poles No Elves were working There were no toys at all Santa was cowered Frightful, under his bed "There are Robots coming!" was what he repeatedly said His wife ran to the phone She knew he was right She pressed 1 on the Speed Dial And spoke to...
  8. Daikaiju

    Mega Man: Get Equipped with Thread Shot!

    Let's begin by revisting one of the Blue Bomber's more obscure outings, via The Gaming Historian.