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action game

  1. air_show

    Sekiro might be the second hardest game I've ever played

    First hardest being Thumper, but considering how Sekiro is absolutely DESTROYING me and I don't think I've even beaten the first official boss yet, I have a strong feeling it may be dethroned by this fucker. It's just so punishing. Like, while fighting normal enemies I feel like the game...
  2. spines


    I guess this game is a little old now and it seems like most people either have played it or won't, but I picked this up on a sale in January and I've poked at it a bit when I'm in the mood. I've had mixed feelings to some degree about a lot of the previous fromsoft character action/rpgs...
  3. Peklo

    35th anniversary of Valis: The Fantasm Soldier

    First, there was a Twitter account. Then, Super Valis IV was listed for release on the Switch Online service. Now, there is an official site. Whatever is happening with Valis after so, so long, it's clearly a going concern for the powers that be. And you might be rightfully concerned; after all...
  4. ShakeWell

    Ghosts 'n' Goblins Resurrection: Killing Demons in Your Underwear 2021

    Yo. I kinda love the storybook art style and... MORE GNG!
  5. Purple

    Any of you actually ever sit down and play Doki Doki Panic!? It's Different.

    So just on kind of a random whim, I just found an emulator that had FDS support and decided I'd actually play some Doki Doki Panic! The first thing I noticed is that the intro theme is a horrible tinny garbage tune that hurts my ears and I never want to hear it again. This was followed by...
  6. R.R. Bigman

    Whipping A Dead Mr. Hed: The Castlevania Thread Of Sacred Remains

    Despite the series still being rather moribund, Castlevania still deserves a thread for discussing old games and foolishly hoping for new ones. I have decided that I need to give Simon's Quest another go. There is no part of this game that appeals to me, but it's Castlevania, and I feel I must...
  7. Dracula

    Just some stuff about Metal Storm. Hang Tough!

    Metal Storm on NES is one of my favorite games ever. I had the Nintendo Power poster and I remember seeing the game at the supermarket rental racks before I even knew what a video game was. I didn't play it until I was 19 or so and found a copy at a used game shop. This was before it was a...
  8. Tiers in Rain

    The Universe is Toast! A Commander Keen Thread

    With this week's release of Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition, I felt inspired to start a thread to discuss Commander Keen, a game series that is near and dear to my heart and one that is oft undiscussed. My history with the series goes back to the Commander Keen in Invasion of...
  9. madhair60

    A Cock and Balls stor(ies): Ratchet & Clank

    Been on the old PS3 of late, blitzing through Ratchet: Deadlocked, because it's great. The announcement of a new one for Sony's upcoming "PlayStation V" has inspired me to go back and play some of the old ones, as well as finally trying to finish Crack in Time, which I'm sad to reveal is Quite...
  10. Peklo

    Sonic and his wonderful friends - talking about Sonic Adventure

    Just this week I acquired a Dreamcast, and have finally begun making some headway into a corner of video game history that I briefly intersected with when I was younger and only observed from afar thereafter, until now. Then as now, Sonic Adventure appears as the natural choice in learning the...