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Wordless Restoration Videos Are a Balm for the Soul


Arm Candy

Ever since I discovered Odd Tinkering's channel, I've found it relaxing to watch people fix up something old and broken. Especially electronics or hand tools. They become useful again! It's especially nice when the people don't speak, so the process of restoration can take centre stage. Anyway, share your favourites.


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(Hi Guy)
YASSSS. Oh man.

Are restorations with words OK too? Because I've got quite a few of those.


definitely not a robot
(He/Him + RT/artee)
I love these kinds of videos. They're the most ASMR-adjacent video genre that I watch.


can stop, will stop
I'm about to go to bed, but I will 100% come back to this thread tomorrow and start watching.


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Staff member
And the best restoration videos are those that involve laser cleaning:



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I will watch Odd Tinkering for hours at a time and consider it well worth the investment.

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Arm Candy
After Ixo mentioned it, I remembered that there is a creator whom I enjoy listening to as well as watching, and that's Baumgartner Restoration.

I enjoy his videos because it's fascinating to get an insight into the art (ha) of restoring paintings. Besides, he has a very soothing voice.
I like Hand Tool Rescue for being silly, and for tackling some absolute monsters. Despite the name, he does a lot of machines.