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What are your greatest videogame achievements?


This is, of course, just for fun. We are all adults, and know that being good at videogames doesn't say much more about you, except that you probably put a lot of time into a single game.

But most of us have probably beaten a hard game, got through a hard challenge, etc, that we are still proud of, just because it was cool to pull it off. And this forum should be able to appretiate that (and does, as seen whenever Kishi talks about his awesome skills and Theathrythm, or whatever). Again, this is just for fun. It also doesn't have to be about superhard stuff. If you are proud of beating Super Mario World, because platformers aren't your strength, that's also valid.

I have three games, which were crazy hard, but also really fun to beat and master:

-beating Elite Beat Agents on the highest difficulty
-beating the two superhard bosses in the genocide run of Undertale (both are some of my favourite game memories, when it comes to skillful play)
-beating Celeste, all A-, B- and C-Sides, all strawberries, all hearts (the DLC wasn't out, when I played the game, so that one is still unbeaten)

So, tell me which videogame challenges you mastered and are proud of.


does the Underpants Dance
I've gotten all the ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy X at least twice (that I can remember).

I did a 1CC clear of Haunted Castle on MAME once.

I can typically achieve a 1CC clear of Castlevania 1 whenever I play it (Japanese version, American version is less consistent for me).


hardcore retro gamin'
Most of mine are NES-era wins, so... yep.

No-death run of Contra (four times!)
1CC clear of Battletoads
Insane number of CC clear of Holy Diver
1CC clear of Ninja Gaiden III
Beat the stuffing out of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Beat Silver Surfer
1CC clear of Super C
Accidental no-death clear of Batman for Game Boy
Beat Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Beat ActRaiser 2
Beat The 7th Saga
Beat Urban Reign on PS2 (seriously, y'all, hardest brawler I've ever played!)

Oh, and a non-hard entry: I put a ton of time into Tecmo Super Bowl on NES. Enough to finish the game's season mode with every single team, including the lowly Colts and Patriots. Still the greatest football game of all time.


did i do all of that?
Gotten all the emblems in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the Gamecube back in the day. That last level...! All for crappy Green Hill Zone.


Plastic Vampire
  • Collecting every single unique item in Symphony of the Night
  • Beating all of the classic Ninja Gaiden games
  • Beating Gradius III on SNES
  • Finishing Final Fantasys I~VI and Dragon Quests I~III in Japanese on original hardware
  • Getting a no death clear on Gradius I for Famicom
  • Catching and evolving Feebas in Pokemon Emerald
  • Buying a Famicom and Transformers: Mystery of Convoy
  • Finishing Transformers: Mystery of Convoy
  • Finishing Transformers: Mystery of Convoy with Rodimus
  • Running a Let's Play of Transformers: Mystery of Convoy
  • Basically anything involving Mystery of Convoy


Back in 1999, iD released Q3Atest, a demo of Quake III Arena. It had three levels, and would let you setup servers and bots, and what intelligence level the bots would take. There was a website back then that would track the stats that all the personal servers would send back to iD for testing, and would rank your username based on the ratio of kills to death.

I figured out that the global rankings couldn't differentiate a kill to a bot vs a human. I setup a server, spawned 8 bots on super dumb intelligence, and then camped out at a choke point on top of a rail gun spawn. I proceeded to kill thousands of bots over the course of a day, even blew off a couple classes to do it. I slowly saw the rankings rise, and told a couple other people in my quake clan what I was doing, so they joined me.

At the end of the day, I was number one in the world in Quake III Arena. They soon patched their tracker to weed out bots, so my reign was short lived. I had a screenshot, which may still be on an old hard drive in my basement. Maybe someday I'll find my proof that "bitch[cwa]" was king of the world.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
  • Hell in Cave Story.
  • Having a > 30% win-rate on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and making the top 5/top 10 with the TT team in the tournament for several years.
  • Win-streaking FTL on Hard.
  • Stumbling into the secret ending of The Witness within half an hour of booting it up for the first time.
  • Hopefully all expert challenges in Monster Train soon.
Probably a bunch of other things that I'm forgetting.


- Finishing Breath Of Fire: Dragon Quarter without using the SOL System. I don't remember if i beat Kokon Horay on that save. That's easier than it looks at first glance, actually.
- Finishing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on hard.
- Finishing Castlevania: Rondo of Blood without using Maria. It took me so many tries.

I think that's it. Oh, i almost finished the original Castlevania. I could never beat Dracula.


earthquake ace
I've got a couple, let's see...

  • My first DCSS win; I felt the sense of accomplishment from that for literally the entire next day.
  • Beating Etrian Odyssey 4 with only a Fortress. The final boss, which is essentially a series of regenerating ablative shields making a lack of burst damage terrible, took me nine actual hours to complete.
That's all that come to mind right now.


Staff member
Some stuff I'm proud of even if it's not too impressive:

Got the Sword of Kings twice
Four time member of the Whelk Club
100% Kingdom Hearts on Expert
Defeated the Nest Warden in Legacy of Legacy at the earliest opportunity
All boss medals in Order of Ecclesia


Old Man Gamer
  • Beat Shiren The Wanderer (DS Version)
  • All the Souls games except Sekiro
  • Path of Pain in Hollow Knight
  • 100% on Sonic 3 & Knuckles and all the Mass Effects
  • One time in OG Half-Life Deathmatch online I killed four people who were engaged in a gun battle on the floor below me by shooting a trip mine they were fighting around and it felt great
Got the Sword of Kings twice

Oh yeah, I've gotten that a couple times. Also remembered I got all the manuscript pages in Alan Wake, including the ones on nightmare difficulty, which really wasn't that bad but feels worth mentioning.


does the Underpants Dance
Oh how could I forget Hollow Knight. Beat all Pantheons except the final grueling one and got 112% completion.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
That reminds me that I got in NP for smashing all the targets as Ness. So did a ton of other people, but it was certainly my proudest gaming accomplishment at the time! I still have the picture that I sent in.

Oh, and I got bored and fell off of Rogue Legacy, but before I did I was able to do the super hard bonus version of the first major boss (some giant eyeball, IIRC), where it gives you a fixed character build to attempt over and over, and I recall feeling pretty proud of that at the time too.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
And another that I just remembered: beating the co-op campaign for the 360 version of N+. God that was hard, but a really fun way to spend a weekend with a friend.


Staff member
Does not using seeds in Dragon Quests count because I never use em at all anymore

I'm playing DQXI with no seeds with harder enemies and no exp from weak monsters and some of the boss fights have left me real proud after besting them.


Little Waves
Staff member
Heh, thanks for mentioning me specifically.

Contra series

Contra: No-miss clear, default difficulty

Contra (NES): No-miss clear

Super Contra: No-miss clear, default difficulty

Super C: No-miss clear

Operation C: No-miss clear

Contra III: No-miss clear, Hard

Contra: The Hard Corps: No-miss clear, all routes, all characters

Neo Contra: No-miss clear, S Rank

Contra 4: No-miss clear, Hard (over 100 times)

Contra ReBirth: No-miss clear, Hard (second-highest difficulty)

Hard Corps: Uprising: No-miss clear, Arcade, Sayuri

Resident Evil series

Resident Evil (2002): Clear; Jill, Normal (best ending) 02:21:35, Real Survival 02:22:08, Invisible Enemy 02:20:52; Chris, Normal (best ending) 02:22:19

Resident Evil 4: Segmented no-continue clear with the smallest attaché case; using only knife, handgun, and grenades; while carrying the Black Bass and Black Bass (L)

Resident Evil 2 (2019): Good times, S+ Rank, all scenarios, all difficulties

Rhythm games

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan: S Rank + Perfect, all songs, all difficulties

Elite Beat Agents: S Rank + Perfect, all songs, all difficulties

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call: SSS Rank + Perfect + All Critical, 212/310 tracks, Ultimate (highest difficulty)


Time Gal: No-miss clear, highest difficulty

Castlevania: No-miss clear

Thunder Force IV: No-miss clear, Normal

Streets of Rage 2: No-continue clear, Hard using Axel, Blaze, and Skate; Hardest using Max

Metal Slug: No-miss clear, Level-4 (default difficulty)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves: Survival clear, Hotaru

Kero Blaster: Clear without losing the jacket (i.e. taking no damage from the final bosses); Normal, Zangyō, Omake

Star Fox 2: Clear, Miyu & Fay, Time 125, Corneria Damaged 00%, Expert

Iconoclasts: Clear, Challenge mode (one-hit death), 0% Tweaks (upgrades)

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon: No-miss clear, Ultimate mode, Veteran difficulty

I'm glad I have a capture card now so I can record and share more of these going forward.


Sudden chomper
Maxing out the score counter in Virtua Cop (arcade, 1cc)
Clearing Hell in Cave Story using every main weapon aside from the Polar Star, in some cases playing with a keyboard
Beating NKG in Hollow Knight
My semi-full-clear (105%) run of Hollow Knight in 7:30
Completing every song on Expert on every instrument in every Rock Band (with the exception of Expert keyboard Roundabout, jesus christ)
Finishing all B- and C-sides in Celeste at launch
Clearing the New York Minute mode in Max Payne
Pulling off a double shell jump in Super Mario World (in the Learn 2 Kaizo hack and then again in Baby Kaizo World)
Finishing XCOM: Enemy Within/XCOM 2:War of the Chosen on Commander/Ironman
Finishing Mega Man 2 buster-only except where other weapons are required
Finishing Zelda 2 legitimately (Wii VC)
Topping my friends leaderboard for every song in Chime on Xbox 360
Getting a sub-one-hour (in-game time) clear of Super Metroid, even if that isn't particularly impressive
I do not do challenging things but I can recall two times (long, long ago) I felt like a genius in comparison to a FAQ writer:
  • there was some gambling mini-game in Suikoden IV that a FAQ said was soooo frustrating and challenging but I didn't find it so
  • FFXII: Revenant Wings - I was completing missions well under the FAQ-writer's suggested level
In hindsight, I recognize that writing FAQs does not mean you have complete mastery of a game, but are just graciously willing to share your knowledge and perhaps also very cautious. Proud of all of us!

  • I think I was very good at the shadow hearts ring things
  • when I played FFX, dodging lightning never bothered me. I'm sure it would today. (chocobo racing, though 😤)


Man, I used to like challenges.

I finished F-Zero GX story mode on the hardest difficulty.
I beat Viewtiful Joe on V-Rated, and I think I got most of the way through Ultra V-Rated
I finished Ikaruga on hard
I beat Resident Evil Remake with all kinds of crazy challenges
I beat Dark Souls 2 and the DLC with no projectiles, shields, assists, etc.

I don't think I have the patience for most of that stuff anymore.


hardcore retro gamin'
Dang, Kishi has mad Contra skills. Good job.

It did remind me that I got a legit clear of Hard Corps, which I'm proud of, although I actually think Contra III on hard is tougher (and I got that, too). Also, Super Cyborg is a beast in the last area, and I finally cleared that one, too.

Not sure if it's crazy impressive, but I was also elated when I finished 1001 Spikes. Great fun from a genre I don't typically care for, the troll platformer.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan: S Rank + Perfect, all songs, all difficulties
Ah, I've done that one! I'll hear Ready Steady Go in my nightmares. And my poor OG DS screen will never be the same.

Super Megaman X

dead eyes
I beat Astos in Final Fantasy without equipment.
Now do it as a solo Thief. Ah, I miss the adventures of FUKT...

Probably my biggest achievement in recent memory is literally that: an achievement. I've had a PSN account since basically when they started, and only got my first platinum trophy ever when PS4 Spider-Man came out. From what I've heard, SM is pretty easy game to plat, but I don't care, it's nice to finally have a number in that slot. (It's actually a "2", I also got one for Fallen Order last year) I was pretty jealous of all my friends up until that point, (especially since quite a few of them aren't quite as good at games as me, and yet they somehow managed to pick one up somewhere) so that one felt good.

Dr. Nerd

I'm bad at video game, but I have a few modest achievements:
  • I had a perfect save file of Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. I got all the emblems, every stage was an A-Rank.
  • Got all the endings for Metroid: Zero Mission, which requires you to beat the game with 15% item completion or less, and beating the game with 100% items under 2 hours, among other things.
  • I beat Mergo's Wet Nurse at a very low level (4) in Bloodborne, which technically is all that's required of you to beat the game.
EDIT: Also, beating the last boss of Sekiro felt like an achievement unto itself.


Generally shmup clears/scores, though most of them are slightly deflated by the knowledge that I could have done better - I was incredibly happy when I got a no-miss clear on route QUZ of Dariusburst ACEX, for example, but it's possible to do it without taking any shield damage at all, so (very stupidly and needlessly) I feel I've left the job unfinished.

However, I'm satisfied to have no-missed both loops of R-Type without practicing the second one for very long (there's more RNG than you'd think!), and am happy with the score. Nothing about this run feels "unfinished" since scoring better would have involved using more boring and less risky strategies. Doing the first loop of Image Fight without autofire is another big fave. I tend to think about this question very narrowly in terms of arcade games I've cleared, so I'll have to get back to you about other stuff that meant something to me!
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(He, Him)
Beating Spelunky “The Hard Way” is probably my favorite one. Clearing out all the bosses on Sekiro felt damn good as well.

I used to replay Mega Man X-X3 so often that I seldom died. I’ve certainly done a deathless Mega Man X.