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Wasteland 3

Anyone playing this? It's on gamepass for xbox and PC
I though that 2 was like, beyond wretched, and the worst UI.

This fixes all of that, and i have a cat named Major Tom following me around and kicking ass.


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I loved Wasteland 2 and sunk 100+ hours into it, so I was shocked to see someone streaming this yesterday and realize that it had slipped entirely under my radar. I'm looking forward to it!


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Ok, so I basically watched about 15 minutes of the first episode of an LP and Wasteland 3 looks quite good. I watched a couple reviews that seemed to agree that its better than the previous one and I really liked WL2.

I stopped watching the LP because I was sold almost instantly and now I don't want to spoil myself.

Not sure if gamepass is a good deal for me since I tend to have limited time to play and play slow. It does looks like a pretty incredible selection of games though.


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ok, so I downloaded Wasteland 3.
I was looking through the character creation and I started off creating a medic/leader with a pistol and lots of speed and charisma and the quirk that gives 100% status resistances to balance the xp gain from charisma. I named him Holden.
Second I made a big guns/mechanic who is a bit of a hard ass. He's got some decent strength and a bit of luck and started life as a grease monkey. I figure he'll eventually get a flame thrower also since that's also a big gun so he's got a good option for armored targets, soft targets and robots. I named him Amos.
I picked up my first companion who has a weapon and exploration and social skill that I don't have so, seems like I should keep them in the party.
Now I need to make 2 more.


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I'm really enjoying this game.
- after the first few tutorial fights, the tactical battles start to ramp up pretty quick. Outnumbered, surrounded, surprised versus enemies with better guns and more hit points. I've had the AI use grenades to hit me in cover and use flanking penetrating shots to hit a group hiding behind cover.
- I like that there are a fair good number of options to deal with many conflicts.
- I like that when you're in a "boss" dialog, you get a first person view. the characters designs are fun in being larger than life caricatures. Some of the characters have been pretty funny and I think the voice acting is enjoyable.


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Ok, so I tried to deal with a fight that starts with an alarm that would require "Sneaky Shit" to get past and I don't have it leveled high enough. Running through the alarm was not a great solution... The enemy gets their turn first and my team was all grouped up by the door, and the AI likes to use grenades when you group up.

I've also noticed that sometimes when you go on overwatch, you get to shoot through walls when the enemy is out of view, so i probably could have cheesed the fight, but it didn't feel fair
I like to send one guy in, to kite them back to the group. You can create bottle necks that way.

I love animal whisperer skill!
Right now Tomcat is still going strong, Polly died immediately, and 3 cyborg chickens have perished. My first charmed animal was a rabbit, who was with me most of the game. High evasion and would occassionally do a Monty Python crit. After he died I did a fox and then a dog. Now I have a stag, who absolutely hauls ass, and got a baby bison as a quest reward!


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i retired the Major at RHQ when he barely survived his first couple encounters and I didn't want to risk him.
I beat this last night

So I spared Valor and Victory, but sided with Angela Deth so I killed Liberty and decided to turn against the Patriarch. I already had bad rating with the marshalls, but when I returned to HQ some Rangers had turned against me, including Greatski. The other rangers and some people I had rescued (Austin Pease, refugees) remained on my side. Kwon left my party, but I arrested him. The Pat-rangers murdered most of the refugees. That pissed me off as I i did most for that group, and even killed La Perla versus returning her slave to her. After retaking HQ, I headed into Colorado Springs and decimated the remaining Marshalls and defeated the Patriarch. I gave him to the mob where they had a show trial and let him die on the pillory. I invited the Arizona rangers to Colorado, and Angela Deth moved further east. Arizona fell to disrepair, colorado lost ability to refine gasoline, and the Patriarch's nation crumbled. That said, my rangers had an alliance with the Refugees, hundred families, Machine commune and easy peace with the Monster Army

Great game!
Also the cover on Wang Chung was incredible