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Virtual Runs/Walks/Swims/Whatever


With COVID preventing races or really any organized sporting events this year, I've seen a lot of things switch to virtual competitions, and a lot of new virtual runs start up.

Anyone doing any interesting virtual runs, especially any that benefit a charity? I've definitely noticed that I haven't been pushing myself as hard in virtual races, but knowing it's for charity at least makes me more likely to do it.

The US Masters Swimming is doing a fall 1 mile swim challenge, and if you can't access a pool there's a 30 minute workout option. Nov 15-30.

The Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation is virtual in Oregon at least. Dec 11-13.

My work is also doing a cool promo where for the more miles we log the bigger charity donation they'll do in our name. I think it caps at $200/employee which isn't bad! Also I could definitely see myself only running a couple miles saying good enough if they didn't increase the donations. This way I have pressure to go further.