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Top 50 Hub Worlds: What's all the Hubbub?


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Masking repeating the same shit over and over by having rooms and a boss you might encounter at a different point but you're still repeating the same progress you lost is just masking the same NES bullshit from 1988 with modern window dressing.
"Repeating the same shit over and over"

You are describing the act of playing a video game


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The problem with House of Hades as a hub is that it has one exit. Sure, it is a hub, but it's connecting your runs, not different areas.
I love the parallel thinking that resulted in some of these votes, but I completely understand why it didn't place higher.
Yeah, I think I was thinking similarly about the Suikoden castles, which are great home base areas, but are generally just a place somewhere on the map and don't particularly shortcut you to other areas of the game except whatever happens to be next door.


Apologies for turning this thread into a referendum on roguelikes. Realizing this is not the place for that.


Unfortunate doesn't begin to describe...
Roguelikes are okay, they sacrifice good level design which I dislike but otherwise they're pretty okay


Unfortunate doesn't begin to describe...
Number 40: Addams Residence

Game: The Addams Family for SNES

"Rescue your family from the doors- and zoom your way across the floors!"

My familiarity: 0/10

Nominated by: @Torzelbaum (#7) and @Lokii (12)


(From:https://pin.it/3PWupiT3v, is this fanart? I don't know)


It's quite interesting. You're free to traverse through the house at your will, but you don't gain anything by going through a harder level first. The levels are all themed around various parts of the house, such as a plant-themed level in the gardens.


Just save your family by going through the levels and freeing them from the doors.

Do they integrate?

Another one I'm more confused about. It seems very unique for a licensed game, that's for sure.


Staff member
Noice! Gives Torzelbaum a high five. I was thinking of all the Addams s'scrollers in my vote because they all do the hub-that's-its-own-level-filled-with-puzzles-n'-secrets. And there's just something to exploring a haunted house and finding passages to other worlds tucked away in weird places, be a frozen penguin infested refrigerator land, devil-filled catacombs beneath the family plot, or swimming in the toilet. My favorite is the single bearskin rug what contains a toothy bonus room.


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
gonna guess without looking it up that this is a british platformer by ocean software

(this makes me wonder to what extent the british are responsible for a certain hub world i'm sure we'll see very close to the top of the list)

Johnny Unusual

Its funny, I think I sort of considered this and remembered liking the game but I think my reasoning is my memory wasn't strong enough to allow it. But I remember playing this (well, the NES version) and the nearly identical game based on the 90s cartoon and finding them pretty fun.

Totally forgot about the bearskin rug.


The SNES carts are surprisingly affordable on Amazon these days, though you could always don an eyepatch and parrot and play it that way.


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(he, him, his)
Gives Torzelbaum a high five.
Should we get Thing in on this?

The mansion in the game just seems to fit so well with how the Addams Family comport themselves that it doesn't really seem out of place or too video game-y.