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Top 10 Most Best Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2022

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
This is a thread for posting top 10 lists of movies and TV shows from the last year. Here's my movies list, though there are a handful I hope to get to over the holidays that might change things:

1. Glass Onion
2. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
3. RRR
4. GDT's Pinocchio
5. Three Thousand Years of Longing
6. The Batman
7. Nope
8. The Bob's Burgers Movie
9. The Northman
10. Amsterdam

I think my most controversial choice is #10, because apparently everyone else just hated, hated that movie. Also, its director, I've come to learn, is a real asshole. I thought it was delightful, if messy, romp.

My Top 10 TV shows are:

1. The Rehearsal
2. Peacemaker
3. Only Murders in the Building
4. Righteous Gemstones
5. Cunk On Earth
6. The Afterparty
7. Stargirl
8. Pachinko
9. Search Party
10. A League of Our Own
I don't watch a lot of movies and don't really keep track of what I watch there either, so just TV shows:

1) Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
2) Star Trek: Prodigy
3) Star Trek: Lower Decks
4) Star Trek: Discovery
5) Star Trek: Picard
6) Mob Psycho 100 III
7) Kaguya-sama
8) Spy x Family
9) Ya Boy Kongming
10) G-Witch


Jogurt Joestar

1. Severance
2. Yellowjackets
3. Harley Quinn
4. Peacemaker
5. The Boys
6. Righteous Gemstones
7. The Dropout
8. Only Murders in the Building
9. The Rehearsal
10. Abbott Elementary

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once
2. Nope
3. RRR
4. Glass Onion
5. Avatar: The Way of Water
6. Prey
7. Emily the Criminal
8. Turning Red
9. The Batman
10. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


What's Shenmue?
I don't watch enough TV to make a list, but here's my top ten movies:
  1. After Yang
  2. The Banshees of Inisherin
  3. Decision to Leave
  4. TÁR
  5. Glass Onion
  6. Everything Everywhere All At Once
  7. The Tragedy of Macbeth
  8. The Crossing (La Traversée)
  9. The Girl from the Other Side
  10. Emily the Criminal

Good year for Colin Farrell. Call it the Farrellissance.

A few films here are 2021 releases by way of festival premieres, but I'm using wide release as a basis because I wasn't at those festivals, now was I. Also because my list would be much sadder without them!
I've seen more movies for 2022 than I have in a long time and I still haven't seen that many but here's the 5 I liked the most

Glass Onion
After Yang
Turning Red

Honorable Mention: Emily the Criminal


Old Man Gamer
I watched a lot of movies in 2022, and I watched a lot of movies from 2022 in 2022. My top 10 I think would be in no particular order:

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
Glass Onion
Emily the Criminal
Confess, Fletch
Turning Red
Bullet Train

Also a quick honorable mention to We're All Going to the World's Fair. There are other movies that aren't on this list I liked better than it, but it was one of the more creative flicks that handled its themes very well and is the one most people probably haven't heard of. Also has a killer title.

Johnny Unusual

I didn't watch a lot of movies but here's enough for 10... I managed to see 11 so not EVERYTHING I watched made my list.

10. See How They Run
It's very clear that the success of Knives Out meant more people want to do quirky mystery films and I am here for it. This is a bit of a middling movie but the actors have charm and it's not a bad watch and is sometimes pretty clever. Just... not quite as clever as it thinks, at times.
9. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
One of the weaker Marvel movies and I think is a little too into it's cameos but I do appreciate that it allowed Sam Raimi to Sam Raimi all over the place and also there was a minotaur and NO ONE SAID ANYTHING.
8. X
Weird, fun little horror movie. Ti West is great at slow burn horror and this ends up turning in directions I didn't quite expect. I hear the prequel is also really good.
7. The Batman
I wasn't over the moon as many partially because though Matt Reeves made a really good Batman movie, I feel like we are still living in the shadow of Nolan and I kind of want something a bit different. Some "Oh, see, we have the Joker" aside (putting it in spoiler but I almost feel I don't need to), the film is actually a really good take on early career Batman and is sort of getting out of that toxic brooding Batman is known for and going beyond the violence. Also, it manages to break away from the traditional "hero vs. villain" fight in the final act. Sort of.
6. The Bob's Burger Movie
It's just a really long episode of Bob's Burgers but it's a really good one and the opening song gets stuck in my head a little.
5. Thor: Love and Thunder
A lot of people were low key down on this one, kinda saying "OK but after Ragnarok, it feels like far less of a surprise treat." OK, fair enough but it made me laugh consistently and Gorr is a pretty good villain, both in portrayal and how he reminds me of the good old days of kids movies where the baddies could be really scary. And I like the ending, too.
4. Strange World
It's a real shame this bond and I hope it's finding its audience now because this one is a treat. It wasn't hard to figure out the surprise ending and yeah, it's messaging isn't exactly subtle but it's a fun adventure movie that kept me into it from beginning to end.
3. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
This was a genuine surprise. I have no real interest in the Shrek franchise but this film with heavy stylization clearly cribbed from Spider-Verse (apparently they originally wanted one of that films directors) is a fun romp throughout. It doesn't break the mold but I think it makes me realize that a franchise I largely dismissed has an ability to grow, retaining the irreverence of the early movies and having some real emotion and some real kick-ass action scenes.
2. Turning Red
...but while not to slight Puss in Boots, my top two films are a much bigger jump in quality. I love Pixar and I liked Soul a lot but this felt a lot more impactful in a lot of ways. I liked all three of the animated movies from this year I watched but I feel like this is the one I will revisit most with it's strong comedy and loveable, memorable characters.
1. Glass Onion
This was a movie I was waiting to watch but it turns out EVERYONE wanted to watch it on their own. And when I ran out of people, so did I. The only complaint is it is clear that the series has a bit of a formula with it's "turn back the clock" gimmick but that's no problem when it's this good (I mean, no one complains about Columbo having the same structure). IAnd the film is not exactly subtle about what it wants to say about now but sometimes we don't need subtlety. Especially when the ride is this delightful. also kind of like the gimmick that Benoit Blanc both is and isn't the main character in his movies and we learn that while he puts the pieces together, he finds himself allied with someone who might be more capable than he and is simply trying to help them complete their journey. It really is about the terrible truth that sometimes in life, things aren't more than meets the eye. Sometimes, they are far, far less. And I can't wait for the next one.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
4. Strange World
It's a real shame this bond and I hope it's finding its audience now because this one is a treat. It wasn't hard to figure out the surprise ending and yeah, it's messaging isn't exactly subtle but it's a fun adventure movie that kept me into it from beginning to end.
Also, in a movie with a relatively low body count, Alan Tudyk's pilot character got *got* in a really sudden and jarring fashion and the movie never comments on it again.


Summon for hire
Also, in a movie with a relatively low body count, Alan Tudyk's pilot character got *got* in a really sudden and jarring fashion and the movie never comments on it again.
I saw the movie but had forgotten that happened and hadn’t picked up on the voice. Seems like it could be a combination of the writers wanting to get other main characters into the pilot seat, and someone being a fan of Serenity...


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
FWIW, I hadn't picked up on the voice either, but he also did the intro narration and my partner picked up on it immediately, and once she pointed it out it was obvious.

Johnny Unusual

For TV series I watched this year, here is my list;
10. Bocchi the Rock
The internet fell in love with this one and they were right to do it.
9. Dance Dance Danseur
This one has a weird, questionable finale but overall it was a gorgeously animated series about the joy of dance in a way that got me aboard from the get and major misstep aside, has me excited for season two... please?
8. Ms. Marvel
The bad guys where duds, sadly, and the last episode was a little on the nose but overall, this was a winning, charming series with a great cast. And it really does feel like a "for the whole family" superhero series, in a good way.
7. To Your Eternity
I'll admit season two isn't as strong as season one but all the same, I really like the major character introduced this season, a foppish goof with a big secret. I like this is a show that moves beyond "our hero has a power" and implies this character's power more than just an advantage, it challenges the very notion of what it is to be human.
6. She-Hulk
The last episode's experiment with meta-humour fell a little flat (a very poorly timed knock on VFX sure didn't help), but overall, the series was a big comedic win. Superhero sitcoms have been done but a lot of them really fall flat and I like that Marvel decided mostly to stick to a "case of the week" format which is also helped by the winning Tatiana Maslany and Madisynn. More Madisynn please.
5. Only Murders in the Building
The show had a bit of a meta-joke about how this season isn't as strong as the first but all the same, I loved it all the same. Despite the big win the characters had in season one, they immediately dug again into their vulnerabilities while dealing with the case of the season and revealing despite being "heroes", they can still hurt people.
4. Spy X Family
One of the most memed anime series of the year earned it's popularity through very funny gags that work both in family sitcom and spy comedy forms.
3. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War - Ultra-Romantic
This very fun anime romcom actually reaches a major milestone in it's third series. Frankly, I think this show is at it's best comedically, doing weird new things in adapting the anime but also hitting a powerful and well-earned emotional climax that in the words of the narrator "betrays the premise of the show".
2. Andor
Andor feels like the Star Wars show that shouldn't have worked but does. It's not just that Andor was not the character everyone was clamoring for, it's that it's a mature version of a kid's thing. And often that can be edgelord or self-serious to a ridiculous extent. And Andor is deadly serious. And yet, somehow it works, taking this playful universe of magical space samuarais fighting moon-sized death rays and finds a complex angle that doesn't feel like a betrayal of the Star Wars canon but a real examination of living under fascism in a dirty John La Carre-style thriller. And there were 13 of the damned things. It was a shockingly patient show with amazing performances and a character who, even though we met before and fits into the classic "cynic who becomes a believer" mold, somehow feels lived in and fresh for Star Wars. Andor isn't quick with a quip or traditionally heroic and when he finds his heroism, it feels really organic.
1. Better Call Saul
Saul has been one of my TV obsessions since it began, improving on everything that Breaking Bad created but with much more nuance and at a gradual pace. That's often a disavantage when I see TV series try to pad their time but Saul instead took a Sergio Leone approach that even with little seems to be happening, it is done in a way that in drenched in mood, character and understanding that even a little can say a lot. The final season did what I loved about the show; it clearly cares for Saul even when we know he's done bad things and his arc reaches a conclusion where we have hope even though not only is he not let off the hook for everything, he has to understand the depths of the evils he's allowed to happen. I like Breaking Bad but Saul isn't just better, it exercises my brain more with a much slippier morality. Yes, they are criminals but that's not what makes our antiheroes the "bad guys" in the end, it's guys like Mike and Jimmy to make excuses for themselves, like how Mike might live by a "code" to fight an "evil" but it doesn't make his decisions any less monstrous. Saul is one of the truly great TV shows and a spin-off that not only enriches the character, I feel it makes me think about what it means to be a good person.