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Thunderdome Voting Thread #8: This Blaster! Twenty men enter, only him leave!

Which dome now?

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Johnny Unusual

Mario has found the Princess! It's time to move on!

Here's how this works, if you are new to this
1) We are given a topic, usually musical in nature, though someone is offering a different idea.
2) People are invited to submit songs or musical pieces or entries they like that fit the topic before a deadline (you may be told the limit of how many you may submit and it is not uncommon for that number to grow during this process)
3) The entries are randomized and pitted against each other where you must choose (usually) one of the two songs. Usually its two matches a day. Just pick the ones you like best from the two matches.
4) This goes on until there is only one entry left!

I hope I explained it clearly. But anyway, we aren't at that part yet. We are at the part where we must decide our topic and with that our host. You must choose between...

Mega Microdome$ - @Bongo
PolyglotDome - @Kirin
TVDome - @Johnny Unusual

The mega microdome will consist of several smaller domes and the winners of those domes get to face off. Lots of hosts for that one. It could be you
The ployglotdome will be for music of many languages! French! Esperanto! Klingon!
The TVdome is just music from TV. Theme songs, background music or even performances from bands on a late night show.

You have four days to vote.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
If Mega Microdome$ is the winner, I will require at least two additional theme nominations in order to incorporate them.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
I think it would be fine to go ahead and post them here.

Johnny Unusual

OK, SimpsonsDome

Music from the show, obviously but also a complete pan-franchise deal. Fan music, covers, commercials, remixes. Anything and everything.


Summon for hire
I was keeping an eye on the thread anyway but thanks! Will get a nominations thread up shortly.