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Thunderdome Voting Thread #12: A Very Blaster Master Christmas


  • Numbersdome

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Tokusatsudome

    Votes: 4 66.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Johnny Unusual

Here's how this works, if you are new to this
1) We are given a topic, usually musical in nature, though someone is offering a different idea.
2) People are invited to submit songs or musical pieces or entries they like that fit the topic before a deadline (you may be told the limit of how many you may submit and it is not uncommon for that number to grow during this process)
3) The entries are randomized and pitted against each other where you must choose (usually) one of the two songs. Usually its two matches a day. Just pick the ones you like best from the two matches.
4) This goes on until there is only one entry left!

I hope I explained it clearly. But anyway, we aren't at that part yet. We are at the part where we must decide our topic and with that our host. You must choose between...

Numbersdome - Johnny Unusual. Not the counting kind, I'm talking Musical Numbers! From TV, Movies, The Stage, Video Games, Podcasts, Radio, whatever!
Tokusatsudome - @Purple it means special effects but it's a bit more specific than that; kaiju media, power rangersish media and similar stuff.

Poll is up for 4 days! Both are great options who have been waiting patiently for their day in the sun, so show them some love!
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So for what it's worth, the reason I keep pushing this is we've got like... a couple hundred shows and a bunch of movies and the opening themesong to basically every single one of them is an absolute banger. Here's a supercut of every Super Sentai theme. And Kamen Rider. And Metal Heroes. And Ultraman. And that's just openings there's also stuff like the ultimate Kamen Rider Gaim spoiler here. And that's not even getting into Power Rangers, stuff from movies, weird subversive dark stuff, heck, Pacific Rim counts. Even if you're not into these, easy to find some real good songs.