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This game are sick! Let's Play Final Fantasy VII! Off course!

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
(Thread migrated from old forum, pardon our dust!)

In 1997, Final Fantasy VII took the world by storm. But, do I really need to explain this on this gaming forum? At the time, the game was state of the art and showed off what the Sony PlayStation was capable of, showing off incredible FMVs that were above and beyond what had been seen before. It might have been the seventh game in the series (and the fourth released in the US) but this was THE Final Fantasy that introduced a lot of people to the series. Including me... mostly. I had a copy of The Final Fantasy Legend for my Game Boy, but in an ironic twist of fate, that wasn't even a Final Fantasy game.

My story of how I got into Final Fantasy VII is actually related to not the PlayStation, but the Nintendo 64. In 1998, Ocarina of Time came out, and all that I wanted for Christmas was a Nintendo 64. That year, I got a PlayStation for Christmas instead. And since I couldn't get my coveted Zelda game, I instead picked up what I thought was the closest thing on the PlayStation... Final Fantasy VII. This might seem silly, the two games couldn't be more different! And you're right, they are. I didn't know what I was in for when I snapped that first disc into my console, but I was hooked. Many nights staying up crazy late to finish quests or advance the story. Finding friends with similar interests at school. Getting to know a whole new genre of game and going back to experience some of the older games I'd missed, like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. Oh yes, this game had an effect on me.

Of course, the game had such an effect on a lot more people than just me. There's a reason why the second movie made with the Final Fantasy name was a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, there's a reason that there's been spin off titles, and there's a reason that one of the most highly anticipated PS4 games of all time is a remake of the first part of this game.

And yet, this is a very silly game as well. This is a game in which a giant feline dances around on two legs, a game where a robot cat riding a giant stuffed animal is seen as a perfectly normal companion, a game where if you swing your sword just right during moments of stress you can summon comets to shower your enemies, and a game where sneaking into an enemy base is as simple and riding on a dolphin's back. And of course, a game where you can have three things listed in one text box and every single one is just a little off...


Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Insert Disc 1

The intro to Final Fantasy VII is iconic at this point. Aerith walking down a street in Sector 8 of Midgar as the camera pans out, before showing the backdrop of the city as the logo appears, before zooming in on a nearby train, before fading from FMV into prerendered graphics as your heroes jump off the train. They used it as a tech demo for the PS3, its the first remade 16-bit scene in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the intro to Final Fantasy XIII is a big homage to it... this scene is a part of gaming history.

So the beginning of the game focuses on AVALANCHE and their mission, their 'Opening ~ Bombing Mission', if you will: a eco-terrorist group bombing a reactor that creates power by draining energy from the Planet itself. This Mako energy is more than just energy, it's the lifeblood of the Planet, and it's a bit more than that as well, though we'll get into that later.

Following this mission in Sector 1, the group heads back to their headquarters, and the next day prepare for a follow-up mission, a second bombing in a different reactor.

Sections of the old thread related to character names and date voting have been trimmed!

#1: Ex-SOLDIER? Don't Trust ya!
Wherein Red has plenty of time, points out the toilet, and shows there is gettin' offa this train we're on.

Names for Cloud, Barret, and Tifa are closed. Aerith will be closed when recording starts for the next video. The other five names are still open!
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Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Today we finish up the bits in Sectors 4 and 5, meet up with a new party member, and then head into Sector 6! And I mess up a bunch in front of the new girl!

Also, we find that one guy. You know the one.

As a bonus, the speedrun by my friend Netara

#2: Don't Step on the Flowers
Wherein Red isn't named Sephiroth, plays around with a bunch of barrels, and fights an evil house.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Wall Market is a fun little minigame of an area in itself. The first time I played the game, I'm certain I did the bare minimum, and Tifa got chosen as the Don's date. Later on, learning that you can get Cloud chosen, pretty much each following playthrough has resulted in getting the 'full' Wall Market experience by getting Cloud so dolled up that the Don decides to make him his date for the night.

...yeah, some parts of Final Fantasy VII are just weird. I remember during my first playthough of the game I spent a lot of time talking with my neighbor about games, and I mentioned to him how I had to dress up like a girl to get further in the game, and he was very confused by this. Imagine this scene being put on the SNES with Ted Woolsey in charge? No way it would have made it intact.

But what I find interesting is just how rigged the game is toward Tifa being the Don's date. She's the baseline choice, and the key items you get affect your 'Attractiveness' score. Get to a certain point, and Aerith is chosen. Get higher than that, and Cloud is chosen... But if you were to go into it with none of this knowledge and pick your choices at random, it's very highly likely Tifa would get chosen.

Unfortunately for Tifa, I'm not really wanting to seduce the Don this time. Sorry! But I did still try to give a full Wall Market experience.

#03: Walk more nicely, like... this.
Wherein Red has a guy always in his way, gets all the cheap ones, and hunts down a special item.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
We left off with the Sector 7 Pillar under attack by Shinra, who was planning destroy the pillar to take out AVALANCHE. While Cloud and Tifa take care of that, Aerith is off doing other stuff... which leads to our next mission. Where we find Barret's favorite wire...

#4: Golden Shiny Wire of Hope
Wherein Red is glad Barret worked on his arm strength, calls out young Aerith, and earns that hashtag first try.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Time to head into Shinra Headquarters. The headquarters is kinda fun because it's made up of a series of different tasks, like a frontal assault, a stealth section, different puzzle types, and even some good rare loot! The game knows that you got Steal available earlier and they made sure there would be some good stuff to get!

#5: Something stinks...
Wherein Red watches a secret car commercial, doesn't find the fake fight, and reminds you when it's time to flush.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Let's finish off the Shinra headquarters, where surely the real villain will be President Shinra for the rest of the game. Nothing will make the plot take a turn here, surely...

Also, you'll get to see what Red XIII's name ends up as.

And with this video done... we're out of Midgar! Yes, there is in fact more to the world than just Midgar.

6: Who you callin' Mr. Barret? That don't sound right!
Wherein Red has a jerk stop by uninvited, ponders what makes Midgar special, and is familiar with the Final Fantasy wiki.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Once you get out of Midgar, one next big story hurdle to get through is a visit to the nearby town of Kalm and listen to Cloud's flashback. It's a big chunk of story with minimal gameplay, and the gameplay doesn't require a ton of input, so it's a rare chunk of the game where you just take in the story. And of course it'll be important later on.

#7: I thought you wanted a briefing?
Wherein Red ignores the town, doesn't jam on the piano, and questions the monster in the tube.

Back in the day I used a Gameshark to put Sephiroth in the party permanently. He still wouldn't let you control him, but you could take all his materia and either sell it off for big money or just power yourself up like crazy.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Today we have a video without much story progression. But instead, we'll be putting some of our tools to good use to pick up some Enemy Skills! Including an infamous one.

So, while on the topic of Enemy Skill, I'd like to discuss something. There are four Enemy Skill Materia hidden in the game. This wouldn't be a big deal, but there's a catch: Trine, one of the Enemy Skills, only drops from a handful of bosses, and one enemy you can only fight during Disc 2. You get the fourth Enemy Skill past the point where you'd fight that enemy.

You can save an optional boss until you have the fourth Materia... but you stop yourself from getting other rewards by doing so.

I'm going to opt for only getting Trine on three Enemy Skills instead.

Now, on to the video!

8: You old folks are out of luck!
Wherein Red doesn't impress the girls, gets a face full of missiles, and learns how snakes work.

If anyone wants to suggest alternate names for Yuffie, now's the time to do so!

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Once again we aren't progressing the main story much here, but we are working on theft and sidequests! Including a bit of luck that a speedrunner would love to have. Netara says I'm required to make Yuffie powerful in response, and that she's never got Yuffie on the first fight during an actual speedrun. A little bit of leveling, and the checking out Fort Condor, which is doing it's best impression of WarCraft II.

I've never done all the Fort Condor battles before, there's a bit to actually doing it and it's kinda interesting to look into, so I'll be doing my best here.

9: You're pretty scared of me, huh?
Wherein Red isn't expecting the first encounter, gets beat up a bunch, and bum rushes the beasts.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
I'm somewhat convinced that Square never expected anyone to do all the Fort Condor battles that you could do, since the process is a bit counter-intuitive. Backtracking through the game at several points.

The best example of this shows up right when you get to Junon, where two separate battles are unlocked which involve traveling on the World Map with only Cloud. No wonder I've never attempted this before!

Oh yeah, and there's a tedious minigame where you give a girl CPR.

#10: Young man, CPR, now!
Wherein Red misreads BestGirl as Baerith, recommends you know what you're doing, and spends some time alone.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
So turns out when a major shake up happens with my schedule it messes up my productivity! Who knew?

Let's explore Junon and gather up some Shinra Betas. Will my television debut be a memorable one?

#11: Stop that stupid horse laugh
Wherein Red sucks at minigames, likes watching tantrums, and is good at standing on two legs.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Work schedule may be getting a bit more normal soon! That'll help productivity! A bit bummed that I didn't get much time to record during my vacation.

However, we have a major boss before we explore a new continent! Let's get into this!

#12: ...the time has.... come...
Wherein Red can't help being stopped, has bathroom concerns, and is excited about doubling his efforts.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Mt. Corel is such a nice spot in the game. Really, there's a lot of variety but I've always been fond of some the simple places. It's not a complicated place and it's not a major spot, just a road you travel, but what a road!

Also on the agenda is the Gold Saucer, but I wouldn't exactly say this is a normal theme park visit. I did show off a little but really we'll get more familiar with this place later on.

#13: We're gonna go play...
Wherein Red finds some baby birds, remembers old toys, and learns how to gamble.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
With the craziness in the world, I wanted to be in the right mindset to record. This might be all the more fitting when we're in a literal prison in the middle of a desert, trying to figure how who killed a bunch of people.

It's a bit deeper than I thought when I played the game in my youth. And not the only deep part in the game. Fortunately, this ends on a high note!

#14: Cause I want to destroy everything...
Wherein Red likes liars, gets lost in the desert, and doesn't get the Ranch.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
With the events at the Gold Saucer finished, we can now take advantage of something major that happened when Cait Sith joined... The Manipulate Materia! With that, it's time to gather more Enemy Skills.

#15: Thinking of being stowaways?
Wherein Red learns to be manipulative, doesn't help with the cargo, and is glad there's nothing terrible in the desert.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Alright, first new FF7 video for the new forum! Took a break on these to focus on the FF5 Four Job Fiesta, and then when I was all set to dive in... the power went out for three days. Yay?

On today's agenda, we have Gongaga and Cosmo Canyon!

#16: The soul too returns to the Planet
Wherein Red finds the junky Materia, doesn't need to pad out the video, and wakes up a sleeping old man.
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Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
Cosmo Canyon has a interesting bit of story. Most of the game so far has been focused on Cloud's story, on the story AVALANCHE... We've had Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aeris the longest and so far the story has mainly been theirs. We've got Yuffie and Cait Sith tagging along, but their stories haven't really come up yet. But we knew Red XIII's home would be coming, and that he intended to leave us there.

So it's a bit interesting to have this bit of the story come up. For a little bit of the game, we're not worried about chasing Sephiroth, not worried about Shinra... We're learning about the history of Red XIII's family and seeing him grow a bit. And yet despite that, this is all still linked. Cosmo Canyon was the birthplace of AVALANCHE, and Cosmo Canyon is also where you learn exactly what affect on the Planet that Shinra is actually having. And at the end of all, there's still a lot of mystery about Red XIII that isn't quite answered... and some that never will be answered.

#17: This is a strange looking rock...
Wherein Red slides on some oil, fails to stab a spider with a sword, and learns two heads aren't always better than one.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
The first time I played Final Fantasy VII, I didn't know about the optional characters Vincent and Yuffie right away, and in fact didn't recruit Yuffie on my first playthrough until near the end of the first disc.

Vincent, on the other hand, I figured out pretty easily the first half of the process: opening the safe in the Shinra Mansion. But what I wasn't prepared for was how hard a time I had with the boss. So even though on that first playthrough I found how to get into the safe, it wasn't my first trip to Shinra Mansion where I actually succeeded in recruiting Vincent (In fact, I think on my first attempt at the game, Vincent wasn't recruited until midway through Disc 2!)

It's a bit silly saying all this now, because... the boss isn't necessarily that hard? But of course, when you're not used to playing RPGs or learning how to game the system, or all the strategies for the bosses... well, stuff is hard! So in a way, the boss Lost Number will always be remembered by me as 'that one boss' back in the day, and yet, now it's no big deal.

#18: To wake me from the nightmare
Wherein Red takes lots of damage from bubbles, knows how the color purple works, and slides down a bunch of tubes.