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Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Got it. 2017 to be specific.

1) Alternate history Takes place in a world where JFK wasn't assassinated for one thing

2) Lots and lots of objects Loads of stuff is affected by physics and can be moved or thrown or eaten by a recycler charge

3) Artificial Intelligence January, the operator robot made by Morgan, is far more intelligent than the average operator.

So are Alex's operators in the ending.

4) Simulation Game Morgan starts off trapped in a simulation of one particular day. Prey: Mooncrash has you control people in a simulation.

The ending of the standard game also reveals you've been in one this whole time.

5) 3D Printing There are machines used to turn items into cubes of materials and machines that turn those cubes into items.

6) Non-standard weaponry (mostly) You have your silenced pistol and shotgun, but you also have a gun that makes hardened goop you can platform on. And a toy bowgun. And grenades that do things other than exploding. And magical alien powers.

7) Not actually in the simulation genre though It's a first person exploration game with shooter and RPG elements

8) Has a roguelike DLC (of sorts) Prey: Mooncrash has some random elements, especially as the simulation gets more corrupted.