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The Top 50 Cartoon Characters Nomination Thread - A Terrible Strain on Talking Time's Wrists

Johnny Unusual

Tabulation is still going on. If anyone still wants to get in a list, I suspect I'll be done on Thursday, so try to get it in before then. But I do have 21 Lists, which is pretty good. Also, so far, no ties.


Summon for hire
Already thought of a character I wanted to include but forgot! Ah well, it's inevitable.

Johnny Unusual

Got one more list in. That's 22. I'm gonna try to get this finished tonight so get them in then or that's it.

EDIT: WHEW. OK, the list is done. I'm happy to add anything that comes in overnight but once I wake up (and depending on time zones, is pretty early in the morning) and add those things (if any), the door is closed for realsies! Good night everyone.

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