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The Swedish Games: My new blog about games from Sweden


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
Some of you might recall that a while ago I posted about a fascinating obscure Swedish game on here. Well, now I've decided to start a whole English-language blog where I will be writing about games made in Sweden, or somehow connected with Sweden. I will be focusing mainly on lesser-known obscure Swedish games from different eras, rather than the relatively recent worldwide hits (such as Minecraft, Battlefield, Candy Crush, etc.). Of course, some of the games I will be writing about are obscure for the simple reason that they were only ever released in Sweden, in the Swedish language, but I will do my best to showcase them and describe them (though I might not have the time to make complete subtitled walkthroughs like I did for Kosmopolska). Hopefully, by doing this, I might contribute in some small way to the widening of online video game history discussion to include more things from non-English speaking countries. I will also be writing about other media from Sweden, such as comics, TV programs and films that are somehow associated with games, to perhaps give some insights into the "gaming culture" of the country.

So far I've written about the best (Swedish-language) resource on Swedish game history, an old Swedish-made computer that in some ways might be our equivalent to the BBC Micro, and a cute student project made in my home city. I have plenty of ideas for future posts, and I'm really hoping that I will get plenty of non-Swedish readers and commenters, since I'm very curious how people will react to these mostly obscure games.


Summon for hire
This is super cool. I’ve been meaning to find time to watch your subtitled Kosmopolska vid (someday!), that game looked fascinating, and it’s great to have more looks into an under-served scene. I gotta ask Benj (the Retronauts East guy whose big focus is old computer hardware) if he’s familiar with the ABC-80, looks like a cute machine.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
I've been writing many more posts on the blog, and I also have a Cohost for it where I occasionally write about things more or less tangentially related to Swedish games, or just about other interesting Swedish pop culture.

My most recent blog post is an attempt to compile as complete a list as possible of games (eletronic or tabletop) related to the Moomin characters:

If anyone know of any Moomin games, no matter how obscure, that I've missed, I'd be happy to add them on the list. Also, since I know that Talking Time has some Finnish members, I hope I'm not presumptuous in considering Tove Jansson's creations to be partially Swedish as well as Finnish.