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The Songs That Define You by Decade!


For every ten years of your life pick a song you listened to during that time that you really loved/defined that period of your life for you! Here's mine

1981-1991 - I grew up listening to oldies (50s/60s) and country music. I was a huge John Anderson fan. His song 'Swingin' was a particular favorite! I'd play it on my brother's boom box, rewind, and play again over and over. Drove everyone crazy.

1991-2001 - My high school years! I was exposed to modern rock & roll for the first time as well as early hip-hop (gangsta rap.) This is a tough one because my musical inclinations changed a lot between the beginning and the end. I think I have to go with The Offspring's 'Self Esteem'. Smash was the first music CD I ever bought with my own money.

2001-2011 - Another huge transition period in my life and musical tastes! Lost my faith, expanded my horizons, went to college, got married. Just so much. This was the hardest one to pin down. Early on in the decade I would have gone with Flogging Mollies 'Drunken Lullabies.' A few years later it would be Immortal Technique's 'Revolutionary Vol. 2.' But at the end of it I was rocking Daft Punk's sound track to Tron: Legacy (The Grid still makes my spine tingle!). 'If I Ever Leave This World Alive' wins out in the end.

2011-Now - I got divorced. Played a lot of depressing music. (Meg Myers, Susanne Sundfor, Damien Rice) Discovered Italian oldies and newer Italian music (Check out Mina and Giusy Ferreri.) Fell in love with the modern folk scene. Rediscovered all the old 90s gangsta rap I missed the first time. Or maybe its just the most recent and so I have a better memory? Anyway going with Dawes' 'Things Happen.'
Honorable Mentions (me cheating)