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The Memory Button

Johnny Unusual

Just a thread for when something hits your memory in a way palpably. Like "I forgot ____ until now."

For me, it isn't a song or a show. Its just this title card from Sesame Street.

It was seared into my brain long ago but has only now been unearthed.


My way, soon
I forgot about Dre once.

I hope he never finds out. He'd probably be very disappointed in me.

Exposition Owl

could use a space fortress
I just had a really powerful memory of how the first trip to the library of summer vacation felt when I was a kid. I miss that kind of feeling.


Women want fish fear meme
I just remembered the Foundation for a Better Life, the project by some old oil executive to spend his money that I always called the Foundation to License Maudlin Pop Music or the Foundation to Obfuscate Structural Problems


Women want fish fear meme
Did they show up in Canada at all? They started going in the mid-2000s, I believe. Their weird catchphrase was "pass it on"