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The Mario Musicdome Nomination Thread: Mamma Mia!

Mario. We all love him. He is the #1 mascot for video games. Now it's time to celebrate the music of the games that feature our plumber jump man. So:

1) Submit up to 4 tracks of your choosing by November 30th.

2) The tracks must be from a video game and that game must have Mario's name in the title, specifically the Mario whom we are celebrating. Covers are okay.

3) If you want to choose a track from a Mario fangame, that track must have been composed specifically for that fangame or must be a remix/cover of a track from another Mario game.

Hopefully I've covered everything, but if I haven't answers to (serious) questions asked will be posted here as well as in a response post. Okay, Let's-a Go!


Summon for hire
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I'd be happy to add more to my list if you need to pad the roster.

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
1. Dire, Dire Docks by GENTLE LOVE
2. Rainbow Road by The OneUps
3. Yoshi's Island Athletic Theme by Yoshihiro Arita and his band
4. Rosalina in the Observatory by The 8-bit Big Band

I know covers aren't going to win against the best songs in a given thunderdome (unless they are somehow transcendent of the original source material), but especially in Mario where most people know all the best songs in the (many different) series, I'd love to highlight some of my favorite cover bands doing their thing. I could have submitted four covers of Dire, Dire Docks but held off!!

That Old Chestnut

And My Name's Booster remix by djpretzel
Fight Against Bowser--Super Mario RPG (probably the quintessential classic Bowser fight theme in my book)
Final Bower Battle Theme--Super Mario Galaxy (but oh my golly if this ain't iconic, too!)

That's a song with samples. I don't think it could be considered a remix/cover. If they'd rapped to the Mario Land tune it might be different.

I gotchu mang:

Action Adventure World: Super Mario Land: remix by 8bitduane

(edited because "Action Adventure World" seems like it might be an album name of sorts? Or a group name? I dunno. It's kinda vague....)
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Added 1 extra one above - still looking for a 2nd.

edit: And just added my 2nd extra
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I have added a fifth nomination to my post, but I'm unsure about the eligibility of my sixth choice. What about a song from Donkey Kong '94, a game where you play as Mario but which does not have the word "Mario" in the title?
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