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The \m/etal thread

krallice is killing it this year

and from a few months ago

they're kind of on their own planet right now (spectral lore or midnight odyssey have the closest brand of atmospheric/space probably), and I'd like to say they've really developed into their own sound, but krallice has only ever sounded like krallice. might like it more than their more orthodox stuff

Tiers in Rain

Gaming Replicant!
I just recently discovered Messa and I'm loving them. They're doing their own unique take on doom metal by blending it with elements of black metal, post-punk, and blues with dreamy vocals. I can't stop listening to the album they released this year. Really interesting stuff.

oh i should have posted this here:

130 tracks of various black metal from around the world, proceeds going to various lgbt charities. Lots of heavy hitters here (ex: spectral lore, jute gyte, merzbow(?!)) and lots of new finds for me that have been great.

the jute gyte track is really good. he's slowed down from doing the 6 albums a year or whatever he was at, but this makes me really hope he's got a new black metal album coming. it's orthodox (by his standards, not anyone elses) but some of my favorite work from him has gone this way