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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power


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All right, I think I see the general shape of things.

Adar isn't pretty, so he's clearly not Sauron in disguise. Even when he was just an Eye, after all, he never chose to appear disfigured. He appears to have been a prisoner of Morgoth in Angband, and now has gone a bit mad.

This war for the Southlands, therefore, stands in as the time-efficient substitute for centuries of increasingly colonial Númenorean adventurism, and Pharazôn will win fame for distinguished command not against uppity natives but against orcs, which nevertheless he can leverage into the kingship (whether or not it involves marrying Miriel).

Sauron will happily pick up the pieces of Adar's little scheme when the time comes to raise up Barad-dûr, but for now his attention will be on Eregion and Lindon, which he hopes to win by guile, not force. How many episodes are we getting this year, again? I betcha Annatar showing up in Lindon to teach Celebrimbor ring-lore comes close to the end of the season.

Intrigued by the bit of Sauron-worshipper lore we got at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing that developed further.

The thing that seems to be getting the most stuck in the purists' craw is that Galadriel is a bit more flawed a character than they'd want, and while I don't agree, I do see where they're coming from. Halbrand pretty much stated the premise of her character outright: she treats everything she does like she's still fighting the footsoldiers of the Shadow. But having him give her a remedial education in courtly intrigue isn't a good look for someone who's supposed to be wise and insightful. I suppose they're trying to make sure that there's character growth that's explicit enough that general audiences will be aware that it's happening, but surely there was a way to write that scene that wouldn't have been quite so unflattering to her. A misstep, I think, but it's no hardship to me to stick around to see if this is a pattern or a fluke.


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Only an eight episode season. Show's expensive!

Galadriel is very different from how she seemed in LotR but that's okay because she has thousands of years to change.