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The Human Variable - A podcast about science and society

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
I wanted to bring some attention to my latest project, named The Human Variable.

(Here is a link to a playlists of all five episodes, above is a quick introduction to the podcast by me and another of the hosts)

This is a five episode podcast that I helped create with some other UChicago graduate students and an undergrad that focused on the intersections of science and society. As a hopeful entrant into the science policy realm, I am very aware of the connections and influences that run between our society and science, and I feel that we could all stand to know better these links (especially other scientists). We have episodes about homosexuality in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (until 1973!), about environmental justice and advocacy, science communication, and why science as an institution can be trusted and can be improved in the future.

Unless some more people come along and want to make a second season of episodes, this is likely all there will be, but I'm proud of the discussions and interviews we had with some very forward-thinking scientists, and I hope y'all learn something and enjoy the episodes.