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The Expanse - sasa ke Beltalowda!?

Aight. Season finale is up and I watched it. It was both really good, and also really really weird.

As anticipated, they wrote Alex off the show. Which I guess had to happen, but the way they did it was just sub-optimal and kinda bad. They made Alex stroke-out from too much juice while saving Naomi. Which was fine and makes sense, but it also was executed in a way that you could just tell they were doing hasty edits and reshoots after production finished wrapping. Like, they took a still of Alex and then photoshopped blood coming from his nose. Very weird. At the end of the episode where everyone was celebrating and sitting on couches, there was an obvious space open left where Alex was obviously intended to be seated, and the camera kept that seat in frame in. And it just made the whole scene feel weird. Because it's this obvious reminder that Alex is gone kind of like a tribute to the character, but it's also very clearly a photoshop job where they edited him out of that scene and everyone is happy and full of joy but he's gone. It's just WEIRD. The show runners should have just given the character an out between seasons where he went back home to be a family-man instead of this. Because it was just a very distracting thing that pulled me out of an otherwise pretty good season finale. Felt borderline Poochie in nature.

Very glad Drummer finally did what she had to do. I was almost screaming at my TV though in the aftermath where main-squeeze-lady was trying to guilt trip her. She's a terrible character and a terrible person and I hate her and I hope she dies a miserable death for being such a shitty person.

I'm looking forward to Season 6: the "final" season. I really hope though that the show continues on after the time-skip