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The Dragonball Thread - It's Over 9000 Posts!

Johnny Unusual

Hunt for the Basho Fan (Filler Arc 5)

Quick Synopsis
Goku and Chichi go to see Gyumao when suddenly Mt. Frypan once again erupts in flames. Goku and Chichi search for a solution as this time the Kamehameha would just kill Gyumao, who is inside his slowly burning castle, trapped behind a wall of flames. Performs several quests to find it with Chichi and after coming up empty, eventually finds it... but it still doesn't work. Goku learns the problem is Mt. Frypan exists above a portal to the underworld and must turn off a magical furnace. Once they get there, they meet Gohan and his new boss Annin, the Pyre Keeper. Annin tells Goku that turning it off would result in a huge apocalyptic catastrophe and the problem is a leak in the furnace that must be repaired. Goku, at great risk, does and saves Mt. Frypan and Goku and Chichi get married.

Weak. I appreciate it feeling more like an adventure of the old days but those stories were fun and this is mostly a drag and most of it's attempts at comedy falter. Also, no fault of the original show but the first episode in the arc's subtitles were actually the subtitles for the next episode.

Mostly weak. Clearly buying time until it's time for DBZ to begin (which does the week after the arc ended).

I think it wants to sell Goku and Chichi as a team or bring them closer together but it doesn't really happen. My least favourite part is Chichi getting upset about her wife lessons and then never really learning not to measure herself against some made up standards.

Virtually non-existent. Except when a bunch of Oolong-like pigs try to peep on Chichi because ugh.

A few characters come back like Pilaf and Gyumao but I don't care. Nice to see Gohan again, I guess but any joy in the reunion takes a back seat to plot. New characters aren't memorable but Annin comes close, as when she first appears, it seems like she might be capricious about the fate of Earth. But then that sort of drops and there isn't too much going on. I do like her hat attacking Goku, I guess.

Action and Adventure!

It's trying but without an Akira Toriyama-penned road map, seems like they can't do good Dragonball.

As for Z, I'll take a little break and maybe wait to see if the subs ever show up on Crunchyroll. Until then, it'll be nice to watch stuff where I don't give myself homework. Plus, I'm looking forward to Piccolo the Sitcom!

In his way, Gohan is really taking after his old man.

It's like
If all of the parties were OK with it (except poor Pan, maybe).