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The best movie trailers

Johnny Unusual

Hot take: I don't think there are any out-and-out good Friday the 13th movies. Note I do have a soft spot for the franchise, particularly 1, 4 and 6 but even the last time I watched the first one, my opinion of it went down. But its a franchise that is fun in its way and can be watchable. But I really like the "And then there were none" first trailer.

EDIT: confusingly, Jason in the hockey mask is the youtube still image despite not appearing like that until #3

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to

This is still my favorite movie trailer of all time. The music and sound design is phenomenal, the pacing... I liked the movie alright but I was sad that it didn't use the music or anything like the music from the trailer.


Then a miracle occurs
It's the tired, rain-soaked smiling girl at the end that really gets to me.

And even if we didn't get Clair de lune in the film, we did get something that I consider equally awesome, if in a different way: