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The Battle At Garden's gate Begins on Friday


My way, soon
I'm not sure how many other tyrants are fans of Greta Van Fleet, but for the uninitiated, they began as the second coming of Led Zeppelin, with Josh Kiszka's wail being so close to Robert Plants there are times you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. Well their new album is three days away and from the singles they've released so far, Kiszka has added some Geddy Lee to his voice and they've added a heavy prog-rock tinge to their sound, as well as some Fleetwood Mac and a smattering of 80s hair metal and 90s grunge. The result is a sound that both sounds like everything and yet like nothing else. It's epic and wonderful and I can't wait to put on some headphones and experience this album in a scant few days.



My way, soon
Verdict: Wow. This is a modern day expression of the rock album as a capital E Experience. It's more original than their first LP, but still cribs a lot from older acts. No matter. It's wonderful and I want to listen to it again.