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The Adventure Zone!


I have been catching up with Graduation and while I had my doubts about it, I deem that it is Good, Actually. I maybe liked Amnesty's characters a bit more initially, but now Graduation seems to have found its groove - hopefully it gets to finish without rushing to an end.


I generally like Travis as DM, but I stopped listening early on because things were really slow. I should give it another shot.

Paul le Fou

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So I listened to Balance around the time they were going from Amnesty into Graduation and it took a while to catch up. I meant to listen to Amnesty (still might someday, but it's low priority) and don't really intend to listen to Graduation.

BUT! Since I caught it relatively near the beginning, I did start listening to Ethersea, beginning with the pre-series where they create and shape the background story of the world they'll be playing The Quiet Year. I think that's proven to be a really good idea, and has made a big influence on the direction of the show without like, predicting its direction or making it obvious.

Anyway, overall I'm enjoying it! There's some interesting stuff going on, storywise, and a few decent character moments and a lot of great NPCs, including one that made me shout for joy when I figured out what Griffin was doing with it just a moment before the reveal. Plus, the setting is pretty awesome, with underwater ship combat and such. It's had some ups and downs, of course, but I've been liking it and have stayed current with it since. Anyone else listening?


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I have been listening to Ethersea since it started. I've enjoyed it quite a bit.


Ethersea is definitely the strongest the show has been since Balance, and is paced much better. I'm surprised that Travis's character has ended up being my favorite so far.

Graduation is definitely the weakest season, though I still enjoyed it. I have next to no experience with D&D but Travis seemed to have some bad DM habits, in that his players would make really interesting and dynamic choices that he'd then cut short because they didn't fit his plan. Like, they got themselves into a situation where the best course of action was to help the Demon Lord end the world, and Travis responded by immediately depowering the Demon Lord. You made them villains, let them be villains, my guy! A sham apocalypse would've fit in perfectly with the weird Venture Bros-type hero/villain world they were trying to create, too. I'm interested in seeing what Travis does if he takes another swing at DMing, though.