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Skyrim is 10 Years Old


Summon for hire
Yeah, Skyrim seems like something that's always been around because in my head it seamlessly blends into Oblivion and Morrowing and, like, Everquest and UO and I realize this makes increasingly less sense but it's all just "big medieval fantasy themed games I've never played".


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I had some fun times messing around here and there, but at this point I'm kinda over Skyrim. Too many dives into samey-looking caves/crypts/forts, too many adventures ended by growing frustration with the bugs piling up.

More and more now I'd prefer my explorable game worlds to have more depth to them over sheer size. Even with Microsoft exclusivity I can't say I have much faith in Elder Scrolls VI. Been a lot of games inspired at least partially by Skyrim, and while they might not all have playable lizards or let you pick up all the bullshit, in many other ways they've surpassed the game.