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September Creative Works Prompt: Frogs

Pajaro Pete

I figured one way to kick off a new forum is to remember where we came from, so this month's prompt for Creative Works is: Frogs!


Because toasty frog.


Anyway! The purpose of this thread is to maybe help jump start some creative endeavors, maybe get folks to approach subjects they normally wouldn't, that sort of thing. How you choose to approach the prompt is up to you, if you want to draw pictures of frogs, then do it. If it makes you want to make Frog Suit levels in Mario Maker 2? Go for it. If you heard the word "Frogs" and it reminded you of something else and you want to create something based on that, then live your truth. Use whatever medium you want! There are no real rules!

Well, ok, there are some rules:
  • even though we are all either middle aged or rapidly approaching middle age and i don't actually know the official forum policy of it, you should probably not post sexually explicit content here?
  • bigotry is unacceptable, period. if you're thinking about creating something racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/or anything else then you can probably leave this forum.
  • don't be a jerk. which, i know, coming from me is a little... but anyway!
I think that's pretty much it? Create things, post them here, have fun. You can post as much as you want, or as little as you feel comfortable posting. This thread (and future ones) will remain open from now until the end of 3.0 so there's no actual deadline to worry about. I'll probably start asking for theme suggestions for next month during the last week of September and we can go from there?


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Champ Productions is here to celebrate its frog friends!

Basically the only frog villager technology I have is Camofrog and Prince via their Amiibo contracts, but some of my other friends and I are wearing frog suits.

These guys are wearing suits I thought would fit them well.

This isn't the only game where I have frogs, though!

Puddles is a neighbor and dear friend of Nate the Human (Not to be confused with Nate the Bear) over in Backwood. Dunno how much longer she'll be around with Nibbles in the neighborhood, but peppy frog is awesome.

Cousteau is an ex-Backwooder, but you wouldn't know it from how he lurks in Main Street all the time. (Not pictured but also a lurker: Henry)

Speaking of Henry, he's in Pocket Camp along with Tad, Lily, Drift, Raddle, Diva, Jeremiah, and Ribbot. There's enough frogs to fill an entire room.

Actually, there's more than enough frogs to fill a room 'cuz Huck was added last month. On the one hand, I'm happy to see a friend from Youtopia, but on the other I am bewildered that we saw the other smug frog before any cranky frogs or one of the remaining girls.

Please add Puddles and/or Gigi in the September roster update. I want a third girl frog and not just a dupe like Jambette.

Anyway, my froggy friends over in New Horizons have fixed us all their special frog stew and it is amazing!

Nobody knows what the secret ingredient is.


Mellotron enthusiast


stuck in baby prison
So "frogging" in knitting refers to the act of unraveling an entire piece because it's beyond repair. I wasn't planning to participate in this theme month but I guess I am now!


Lapsed Threadcromancer
In the eddies and pools
near the shores.
They congregate,
little black darts.
Swollen with the
weight of the future.

Hoping this refuge
Lasts long enough
For them to abandon it.
Into the out world.
Up and gasping for
Air. Almost free.


I didn't end up creating anything for this as this month was a bad one, but I spent a lot of enjoyable time thinking about what I could do. Definitely up for doing this again, great idea.


I had a rough month as well. I love the idea though & want to participate in the future.


Ok, it was bugging me that I didn’t do anything for this, so here’s a late submission:


Pajaro Pete

so anyway i know we didn't do an october prompt, and it's november and i haven't posted a new thread and i just want to say sorry, i'm easily overwhelmed and maybe y'all can post potential november prompts and i'll have a thread up later this week (but given the events of next week i might be busy curling up in a ball on the floor, so you know, it's all up in the air)