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Rosewood created somethin'


something something robble
I saw the thread title from the forum index and thought "I have got to click this"

I was not expecting a tear down of one of the best music videos ever!

some additional thoughts to add onto the map you've laid out--

Golden *nose* is a nod to the nose as phallic symbol, turning Villain into a bit of a Cyrano, but one who can overcome his insecurities.

The way the agent's hand shakes as he comes down the stairs around 2:20 is that nervous 'oh god what am I doing, but I've got to do this' anxiety

When he gets to the floor and reaches the villain, the spinning hand-touches are perhaps supposed to be feint and counter-feint moves in a duel, but truly they are the initial 'I'm afraid to touch you, what if it's not right' movements in like teen romances (or very shy adults). Then in case anyone was watching, they engage in some choreographed fisticuffs, but either quickly give it up as fooling no one, or only doing it as a joke referring to the circumstances under which they met, but it quickly just turns into joyous dance.

When Villain returns home at the beginning of the video, his smile fades and becomes fixed as he surveys his home. Now, it grows.

Being set in mid-century, one has to pay attention to gender roles. Previously, it was the villain's wife responsible for creating dinner and serving it. Here, both men share the roles traditionally assigned to women. Agent is the one preparing dinner, but he picked up Villain during the dance number to twirl him around, and then back at the table, Villain is the one serving out the food.

When the camera lingers on Agent's face at the table, the shot is the same as when it was the Villain's wife previously, but instead of becoming discomfited under the villain's gaze, Agent melts.

The best part as they continue to dance in the lair is all of the minions just going about their duties--this is the new norm. They're still regimented, marching in single file in contrast to the silly lovey goosey behavior their boss is exhibiting.


Sabe, Inattentive Type
Obviously these are fantastic actors and all, but it sure looks like they're having an absolute blast with that choreography!


The metal babble flees!
Thanks for checking it out, Lady, and for the great additional insights especially about the latter part of the video.

omg the whole nose/phallus thing completely evaded me XD

Thanks for pointing out the additional parallels between the scenes at home. The difference between the partners in their gaze toward the Villain is a great observation.

in re gender roles, that's fun. With a '60s aesthetic the audience might come into it expecting interactions to be a certain way, but it being made in the 2010s the creators can upend all that.

I wonder how good the Agent was as a spy anyhow. I get this idea that these two have a long rivalry and he keeps getting captured, and this is the last of a long sequence of catch-and-escape, if not necessarily catch-and-release. Agent looks like he's found his best life as a house-husband.

I keep noticing new things, like how dancing's a mating display through the whole thing. The Villain jumps out of bed in the middle of the night, dashes out to the lair, and dances (messily) in front of the Agent. As much as the Agent might want to reciprocate, he can't until he is freed and the villain pressing the Release button is his acknowledging that. I think I'll interpret the fight-y parts of the dance as them whimsically playing out their old roles while knowing they're already in harmony. They're smiling through the whole thing. The little skip the Agent does in the second "dad comes home" sequence as flirtation, I'm sure there are more
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