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RIP Chadwick Boseman


I only knew him from the Marvel movies but Black Panther was a beautiful movie that really did show how another, better, world could exist and his performance as T'Challa was integral that.


He made nine or ten movies while dealing with this?! What an incredible dedication to his craft. I can't imagine...
This sucks.

It looks like they finished filming Ma Rainey's Black Bottom already, so I guess now it will be his last ever movie. It's an adaptation of one of August Wilson's Pittsburg Cycle plays (the same play cycle the movie Fences also came from) that also features Viola Davis.


Post Reader
The last thing I saw him in was Da 5 Bloods. He played the sergeant of a squad in Vietnam who died young, long before the men he commanded.

Johnny Unusual

We were very fortunate to have his Black Panther for four Marvel films. He did good work and it saddens me we will not have much more in the future but now I'm given more reason to see this other films.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
He had a run a few years ago of well received biopics. 42 (Jackie Robinson), Get On Up (James Brown), and Marshall (Thurgood Marshall). I've only seen the first two, but they are good biopics. 21 Bridges and Message From the King are fairly stock crime movies, but my thought watching them was that Boseman was so good that it was just a matter of time before he was a full blown action star if that is what he wanted to be.

This fucking sucks.


Little Waves
Staff member
Everyone should see Marshall if they haven't.

Rest in peace, King.


That’s shocking. I thought he did a great job as Black Panther. I’ll have to check out Marshall.


The Chimera Brain
Last night I could not stop thinking about how he was pushing through STAGE 4 COLON CANCER to make his last set of movies and the doors that opened up to get Hollywood to realize that yes, this is what people want. Then I read this excerpt from an interview where he talked about the thought put into his character's accent and may have cried a little bit.


A Bard Named SPOONY
Goddamn. I had no idea he even had cancer, much less that he also had a filming schedule of a goddamn Marvel superhero at the same time.


It seems that he purposefully kept the cancer private, so nobody knew publicly. What a terrible loss.


Arm Candy
It seems that he purposefully kept the cancer private, so nobody knew publicly. What a terrible loss.
Yeah. If movie studios knew about it, his career would have probably been over. No producer would want to bank on an actor with cancer to lead their billion-dollar action film.


Same as I ever was
This fucking sucks.

The studios probably DID know about it, for insurance reasons, especially Disney. Linchpin stars go through medical screenings. Actors film while gravely sick pretty often, really. Sometimes die during filming (Richard Harris, for example). Every MCU film he did, except Civil War, he filmed with cancer. There's no way that wasn't known.

For future Black Panther, I hope they don't recast T'Challa. Leave that role his own. Give the title to Shuri or something.

EDIT: Huh, maybe Disney didn't know as much as I thought. Or didn't share it with Coogler.
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Shuri, or Nakia would be great too. Or even Winston Duke's M'Baku - he did challenge T'challa for the title, after all.