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Providence Wants You Dead - Talking about Risk of Rain Returns


Slam Master
(he, etc.)

The biggest thing about it is... it's actually easy to just play the multiplayer now? Anyone else playing this? It rules.


Video games
Yeah, on and off. I'm not sure if it's me misremembering the original, but it's... really similar, isn't it? I'm not sure why I'm surprised that a remake of a game is the same as the game. But then, I'm fairly sure you couldn't move and shoot quite so easily in the original.

I'd be interested in seeing a list of what exactly is new here.

Shit's cash. It's Risk of Rain! How could it not be.


can stop, will stop
Damn, I loved the original and forgot this was a thing. If I end up getting one of the new Steam Decks I might have to pick this up.


Do you require aid.
I'm enjoying the new characters as someone who got into the series with 2, but it's very strange coming back(ish) to this game after playing, say, Loader or Bandit and looking at how much worse they feel to play.

At least Commando feels more fun. That's a plus.


Threat Rhyme
I played a whole bunch of the original RoR on Switch several years back. I passed on RoR2 and basically took a few years off from even thinking about this game. Then this comes out and terms like 'Hopoo Feather' and 'Paul's Goat Hoof' light up parts of my brain and next thing I know I'm playing RoRR on Switch.

So far I've only unlocked a few characters and artifacts but I'm having a blast despite not successfully clearing a run yet.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
I've unlocked roughly half the roster, getting clears on Drizzle is pretty easy, but I haven't cleared higher difficulties (I haven't played Monsoon at all yet, I want to unlock at least every survivor before doing that). Also, unlocking alternate abilities is done with little trial things which is WAY easier than how it goes in RoR2. Unlocking Commando's entire alternate slate took about ten minutes vs. hours in RoR2.

So yeah, it's good. I don't think I'll drop the same 300 hours into it as I did RoR2, but that's 99% of videogames, it's still really good.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Hear me out: Whip Bandit. (Which you unlock by playing a Risk of Rain-ified version of the first stage of Castlevania, because of course.)