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Post here when you recognize a sample


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Or go digging and find the source of one, either works. (Please only one video embed at a time to prevent page overloading!)

I'll go ahead and start: the Lonely Island song "Spell It Out" samples its beat from an early 70's jazz-funk song called "Gloaming" by Ludovic Decosne, from the album Little Bossa:

Information on this album is scarce, but the song is sick as hell.

Have at it!


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In 1999, twelve VGM composers collaborated on 2197, a concept album which envisions the society of the future through music. The album itself has nothing to do with video games; the only connection is that everyone involved in it is best known for their work in games. It features a blend of various styles and genres, though it leans towards the electronic. It's super good and you should be trawling eBay for a copy right now. Anyway, the first track on the album is:

by, yes, the Chrono Trigger guy. You'll notice the opening seconds include a non-sequitur clip of some man (who is not Yasunori Mitsuda) speaking. He says the following:

...decreasing our ability to invest in our children, our schools -- perpetuating a mad economic cycle that threatens to spin us totally out of control.

In no time at all, in no time at all, we have gone from the greatest seller nation...

Then the clip ends and the track continues on, melding smoky jazz and sparkling synth for another three minutes. It's a shame this is the "short collage mix," as I want more of what Mitsuda's laying down here, but to my knowledge no other version of this track has been released.

But who is this man, and what is he talking about? Why, it's former New York Governor Mario M. Cuomo, of course, and the clip is from a speech he gave at the 1992 Democratic National Convention, endorsing Bill Clinton for President. You can find the full text of his speech here.

So why did Mitsuda-san choose this sample for his track? Well, you see, the answer is [TEXT MISSING]

Enlightening! Join me next time, when I discuss the connection between Xenogears and one Mr. Marlon Brando. Keep watching the ground!
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Little Waves
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Edan's "Promised Land," off his 2005 album Beauty and the Beat, samples Arik Einstein's (1939-2013) כהה כהה (Kehe Kehe; "Dark, Dark"), off his 1968 album מזל גדי (Mazal Gdi; "Capricorn").