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Podcast Recommendations


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The only other one I listen to is Besties. Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Russ Frushtick, and Chris Plante discuss recent releases. The episodes are relatively brief because they don't laboriously cover every industry story or answer listener questions about things that aren't video games.


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I will give them a listen! I’m (unsurprisingly) familiar with the McEvoys, a little less so with the other two guys. I downloaded one of their recent GOTY podcasts as a trial.

Anybody have any other suggestions?


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it's strategy game specific but Three Moves Ahead is very good (and used to be part of the idle thumbs network)

Edit: I guess it still is though the # of active podcasts on their network is diminished.
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Dostoevsky is immortal!
No one I know IRL would understand why I'm so excited by this podcast, but maybe you all will get it: (1) Cameron and Michael of "Just King Things" (among other Podcasts), (2) joined by Austin Walker, (3) to talk about genre fiction, and (4) the first work they're talking about is The Book of the New Sun. Anyway, it's called "Shelved by Genre" and it's like it was made for me.


Geno Cidecity
Yeah I have a 9 month backlog on the handful of podcasts I listen to already but that sounds like the most ideal form of that kind of podcast


Dostoevsky is immortal!
Does anyone have any good videogame podcast recommendations? I used to listen to the Giant Bombcast religiously, but since the departures earlier this year my heart hasn't been in it. I currently listen to Nextlander and about every second episode of Waypoint Radio. I was a big fan of Idle Thumbs back in the day, if that helps to orient you. There's gotta be something good out there that I'm not aware of!
Late to the party, but I've recently discovered Triple Click, which I've enjoyed as a more game-focused (as opposed to industry-focused) podcast.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
All of The Neighborhood Listen has been uploaded to the CBBworld network; which is great because it otherwise vanished when Stitcher disappeared and what kind of world would it be if The Neighborhood Listen disappeared entirely.

A poor one, I'll tell you that much!


Kirk Hamilton from Triple Click has a great podcast about music theory and analysis called Strong Songs, if you're into that kind of thing. He's a very inspiring multi-instrumentalist and an extremely gifted educator. And he's talked about video game music a few times.


Getting to the end of Mission Log, that Star Trek podcast that does the episode-by-episode thing. Well, not the end, but nearing the end of the backlog. I have a few others I listen to, but this is the main one at the moment. I was planning on listening to a History podcast again, but for whatever reason, remembered the sitcom Boy Meets World.

There is, of course, a podcast about it - Pod Meets World. It's hosted by Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle, who played Topanga, Eric and Shawn. It's really funny, they have great chemistry, and you are basically listening to friends rewatching a show they did as kids. I love how they go into details about the process of creating the sitcom, it's very interesting I think.

Only problem I have is, that they do an absurd amount of commercials (probably not the right word) for other podcasts. I listened to the first hour of a 1,5 hour long episode, and I think 15 minutes of that are made up by four different breaks, with other people promoting their podcasts. It's the first time that I skip these promotions - they are really long, they are not interesting to me at all (some people do seemingly random podcasts, no idea how they are related to this one), and they even repeat themselves. I don't get it, do they get money for this?

It's a shame, because I really enjoy listening to the podcast and learning about how things work behind the camera. But having to take my phone out every 15 minutes or so, and skip a bit ahead, probably missing a few seconds, is really obnoxious. I don't understand why they are overdoing it so much.

Sorry, I wanted to promote the podcast, but I guess that bit is really annoying to me.


Does your podcast player have a jump ahead button? I have mine set to jump ahead 30 seconds, and a second button jumps back 10 seconds. I’ve found it pretty easy to avoid listening to commercisls.


I use an app on my phone, which has a button to skip ahead some seconds, I guess 30. Would have to check.

I need to look at the screen, in any case, because phone app. I generally don't mind, it's just so excessive in this case.