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Podcast Recommendations

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
I rarely ever listen to podcasts anymore. I’ve almost stopped listening to Retronauts entirely after certain events, and dropped the Bombcast after everybody left. It would be nice to find new ones, but I don’t know if I want hear a few people talk about any subject for two hours at this point in my life.
Can anyone recommend a good True Crime podcast? I've been listening to Crime Junkie because of the high ratings and sheer volume of content, but it's kind of lousy.

Bear Brook and Cold are some of the best series I've listened to outside of Serial - Season 1.


Sudden chomper
Does anyone have any good videogame podcast recommendations? I used to listen to the Giant Bombcast religiously, but since the departures earlier this year my heart hasn't been in it. I currently listen to Nextlander and about every second episode of Waypoint Radio. I was a big fan of Idle Thumbs back in the day, if that helps to orient you. There's gotta be something good out there that I'm not aware of!


Post Reader
The only other one I listen to is Besties. Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Russ Frushtick, and Chris Plante discuss recent releases. The episodes are relatively brief because they don't laboriously cover every industry story or answer listener questions about things that aren't video games.


Sudden chomper
I will give them a listen! I’m (unsurprisingly) familiar with the McEvoys, a little less so with the other two guys. I downloaded one of their recent GOTY podcasts as a trial.

Anybody have any other suggestions?


Lapsed Threadcromancer
it's strategy game specific but Three Moves Ahead is very good (and used to be part of the idle thumbs network)

Edit: I guess it still is though the # of active podcasts on their network is diminished.
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