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Over or Under. That's Just Like Your Opinion, Man.


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(he, him, his)
I'm a night owl so I tend to skip it. And when I do eat it regularly I tend to get bored of the options available. So I guess that adds up to over for me.


Staff member
I skip it most days. Breakfast food can be great, but usually isn’t. I don’t understand the appeal of cereal.

Huzzah for mimosas and bloody marys tho


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
Over. I hate mornings, and I never wake up hungry. It's calories I resentfully consume to be social.

I love breakfast food at night, though.

Johnny Unusual

Tough, I can go without breakfast often but breakfast is also yummy and helps make the body go. If I think I'll have a big lunch, bye-bye breakfast. So conditional.
Over. Eating in the morning just spoils my appetite for lunch, but if I skip lunch I get super hungry long before dinnertime whether I had breakfast or not. Also, if I did eat in the morning, the pastries and sugary cereals that are treated as breakfast foods in America aren't what I'd want for a first meal. Eggs and bacon or breakfast sausage are good late at night, though.


target for faraway laughter
In my experience, breakfast is over-rated, but - plot twist! - under-appreciated.

So many people say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" but scarf it down in a hurry, even if they have plenty of time. Slow it down a little, maybe sit outside if it's nice, put "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR on your mental jukebox.

If it's really an important meal, treat it like one!
Over, if I didn't have to get up early I would skip straight to lunch every time. Breakfast is just a way to get sugar into my body.


A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
There are few rituals I enjoy more than my daily coffee and bagel, especially on those very rare days that I manage to wake up before the baby does. Gonna have to go with under.


Lapsed Threadcromancer
Similar to our last question:

Caffeine: Over or Under?

Crippling addiction or liberating brain hack?

Johnny Unusual

I mean, I don't drink coffee (same some occasional ice caps) and though I sometimes drink cola, I rarely notice myself more or less alert. So over for me.
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Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
Over. I've tried, more than once, since I hate getting up in the morning, but I've never noticed anything, no matter how much I consume. Also, most forms of it taste absolutely vile.


can stop, will stop
I'm gonna say over. It's weird, I drink tea (no coffee) and I never really feel like caffeine gives me energy, but if I have some after roughly 2 PM, it takes me forever to fall asleep at night.


Staff member
I'm thoroughly addicted to it. If I don't intake I get headaches. Overrated.

Oh the other hand... imagines a sweet sweet cup of that hot bean steaming away ...underrated.

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
Overrated. I love coffee and like tea pretty well, but for the past few years that's in spite of the caffeine, not because of it. I mostly drink decaf for either.

Caffeine messes with my ADHD medications something fierce, and even if I'm not taking them, too much brewed coffee can make me feel kinda woozy, and/or have a nasty crash.

It can be useful as a drug for when I'm feeling sleepy. But when you get addicted, you need it to function, and lose that option to get a pick-me-up; it's just dragging you back up to baseline from the gutter.

Plus I know some people with ADHD find it helpful for concentration, though it only makes mine worse.


Summon for hire
Over. Back when I was a young pup I drank Pepsi non-stop so I was continuously caffeinated, which meant I developed a huge tolerance and it had no discernible effect on me other than headaches if I stopped getting it.

At some point I decided I didn't want all those empty calories and stopped drinking soda, and a few months later I realized I'd lost my caffeine tolerance entirely, to the point where having a coffee drink after noon keeps me from sleeping properly. But it still doesn't really have useful effects, it just makes me jittery but not particularly alert. So now I just have to avoid it and drink decaf if available, it's kind of annoying that it limits my options when coffee or other tasty usually-caffeinated beverages are on offer.
It's effective at waking me up, but I don't really like any of the drinks that have it, which deters me from drinking it enough to become dependent on it, which I don't want to be anyway. So... about right?