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One Perfect Shot Thread of Cinema gifs and Screenshots


Could be a fren

The Simpsons Movie (Dir. David Silverman, 2007)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (Dir. Michael Pressman, 1991)


I think you are thinking of another scene, Jeanie. I'm sorry if i bothered you!

This is (Dragon Quarter spoilers) Ryu blocking the light with his hands while laying down/seeing the light throught his hands, with Nina worried. There is a lot of hands imagery in Evangelion, but, specifically, there is a scene where Shinji looks at his hands while lying down in bed. I mean, i think there is. Maybe i'm remembering it wrong. (EVA and Dragon Quarter spoilers) Asuka dies in a similar point-of-view shot. This scene initially implies that Ryu is dying. I think there is also a scene like that in a grass in the anime or manga, but i'm not sure.

This might be a common scene, too, but i can't remember other instances.


I thought it might have been Asuka in EoE right before her arm gets split down the middle
Yes, that's the aforementioned scene where Asuka dies. Very disturbing scene. I think watching End of Evangelion as a teenager was my worst experience watching a movie (in the sense that the movie disturbed me, not that the movie is bad). In Dragon Quarter, that scene is serene, actually: (DQ spoilers) Ryu did what he wanted to do, his energy is spent and he wants to rest, maybe forever.

I think the other scene i was thinking of - where Shinji is in bed looking at his hands - doesn't have a similiar point-of-view shot.


dirtbag lesbian
I first watched all of Evangelion when I was fifteen and sick in bed with a fever, which is pretty much ideal viewing conditions for watching Evangelion for the first time, except that I forget most of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯