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OldGames4OldGamers, a Kbin instance I've cooked up


Fearful asymmetry

If you're abandoning Reddit for a less corporate social network, but still need your hit of video game reviews and commentary, you'll find it right here on my new Kbin magazine. All systems are covered up to 2013 (including the Xbox One, recently discontinued by Microsoft), along with all classic games on modern consoles, so check it out if you're in a federated mood!


Sabe, Inattentive Type
(he "Sabe" / she "Kali")
Is kbin a reddit alternative?
'Tis! kbin is to Reddit what Mastodon (or maybe something like Misskey) is to Twitter. Various people running servers that have their own subreddit-esque communities, all of whose users can interact with the other servers' content.

There's also "Lemmy" in the same space. I haven't used either very much yet, so I'm not familiar with e.g. the "magazine" setup Arugula's using here on kbin, but it's been exciting to see these things gaining popularity as Reddit keeps digging.


Fearful asymmetry
Sabre's explained it pretty well. Evidently Lemmy is growing much faster than kbin, but they're interoperable to some degree. Still, you can't read everything on Lemmy with a kbin account, one of the annoying peculiarities of federated social media. It's all connected! Unless someone decides that they don't want to interact with another community, then the whole thing kind of falls apart in practice.