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Exposition Owl

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It will tell us something interesting about the state of the Republican party to see whether high profile right-wingers just ignore this, or whether they start talking about how NFTs are good and cool, actually, and how this is not at all a pathetic grift.
12 months ago, he might have made a fortune on the things. Now? Well he'll still make some money, but not anywhere near as much.
12 months ago, he might have made a fortune on the things. Now? Well he'll still make some money, but not anywhere near as much.

The timing is absolutely one of the funniest parts here, because he's striking when the iron is pretty cold, both in terms of the NFT market and his political fortunes. I love that there was a lot of 12D chess speculation that he was going to announce a VP today or something, and it turned out to be selling blockchain proof of ownership of jpegs of himself with laser eyes.

Paul le Fou

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We've also got Square-Enix's big NFT game Symbiogenesis coming out soon recently. Good to see them embracing the hot new trend in the tech world that's certain to be popular and bring in a lot of excited players!!


Remember when all we knew was that SE had trademarked the name "Symbiogenesis" and people were like "a new Parasite Eve game?!"


[distant, haunted look]



Sabe, Inattentive Type
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I axed my XIV subscription and stopped streaming Square Enix games when Symbiogenesis was announced. I keep saying I'll come back "when Symbiogenesis flops and S-E gives up on NFTs", which from the lackluster previews I've seen, still sounds like a pretty likely proposition.

Well, the first part, at least. Whether the boardroom will get a clue about the viability of blockchains, I dunno. Maybe they'll be ready to move late into the realm of plagiarism engines instead.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
The fallacy of the Sunk Cost Fallacy is its only a sunk cost for the company as a whole. For the people actually involved in the project their reputation, promotion prospects, bonus/raise or potentially even their career are possibly on the line and they often have few options but to proceed and hope for the best.


Summon for hire
If only Mega Man Legends 3 could’ve benefitted from a little more sunk cost…