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Neva - Nomada Studio (Gris) Returns


Let's Pock (Art @szk_tencho)
(he / his / him)

Nomada Studio, creators of the incredible indie darling Gris, have announced their second game today as part of the Playstation Showcase. Called Neva (snow in Spanish), here is the official synopsis from publisher Devolver Digital:

Neva chronicles the story of Alba, a young woman bound to a curious wolf cub following a traumatic encounter with dark forces. Together they embark on a perilous journey through a once-beautiful world as it slowly decays around them.

Over time, their relationship will evolve as they learn to work together, helping one another to brave increasingly dangerous situations. The wolf will grow from a rebellious cub to an imposing adult seeking to forge his own identity, testing Alba’s love and their commitment to one another.

As the cursed world threatens to overwhelm them, Alba and her courageous companion will do whatever it takes to survive and make a new home, together.

I have waited YEARS for this. Gris is one of the most critical and important games I've ever experienced, plunging into the layers of grief, depression and sadness unlike any other game I've encountered. This appears to be taking a more action-y take on similar themes, but with a companion who grows alongside you and is approaching the loss of its parent differently than our protagonist is. This dynamic fascinates me not only because I believe Nomada can convey this beautifully and eloquently through their superb artistry and attention to detail, but because I resonate with this story on a profoundly deep level. As you may know, I recently lost my cat Finn. He too was overtaken by dark forces, and I felt my heart cry out as I found Alba and her cub's story so closely mirror where my other cat Flavia and I sit now. Finding out where life is taking us without a part of our family. Much like with Gris arriving in the wake of my divorce, Neva appears when I've experienced such raw emotion that I am attempting to understand and heal from. While Neva isn't out until 2024, healing never ends, so I will still find some solace, some heartache, and some recovery once I get the opportunity to play through it.

I did a live reaction to the trailer as well:

Anyway, I am now counting the months until 2024...
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This game may be Too Sad for me but I loved Gris so we'll see.

Also wait what is it pronounced "grease"?! I have pronounced it like the first part of the word "gristle", "griss" might be how I'd spell it out?!


can stop, will stop
Also wait what is it pronounced "grease"?! I have pronounced it like the first part of the word "gristle", "griss" might be how I'd spell it out?!
Yeah, the former (like "grease", but with more of a "z" sound than an "s"). It's Spanish for "grey".

I am also excited for this game! Even if it does look Very Sad from this first trailer.


can stop, will stop
Same word! But Nomada Studio is based in Barcelona, so in this instance it's Spanish.