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Mr. Sensible sometimes does a thing on Youtube

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
Do you like watching other people play games via the internet? Of course you do! So why not watch me play them, instead of all those other folks who might actually know what they're doing in regards to producing a stream?

I've been doing game videos on my YT channel off-and-on for a couple years now. Actually I just started doing them again after a year-and-a-half-long content hiatus, so I might be a little rusty. However I did finally start using OBS instead of the rudimentary streaming software that came packed-in with my Elgato capture card, and OBS definitely feels more robust. OBS is what basically everyone uses to do their streaming, right? I also have a cheap 1080p/30fps webcam that I could use, but I need to figure out the best angle for setting it up to record myself.

Anyway, here's the archive of my most recent stream where I play Metroid Fusion for an hour. Comments (nice ones) are appreciated!